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GW Dead Guilds and Moving Brackets

Can we do something about the dead guilds in GW?

I get it, my guild isn’t in a low bracket, but there’s a difference between the top of the bracket at several hundred thousand points, and bottom with 0 or just a couple thousand. This is after a year of climbing (or is it descending since it’s going to bracket 1? Anyway…). We were just shy of our one year anniversary before we even lost a GW. How are these dead guilds not at the worst bracket? How is it after a year of winning GW we’re still fighting them?

I know GW is a touchy subject for some. I get there’s competition in the lowest brackets. But every other bracket seems broken to me. I don’t mandate my guild to bother because why would I? Finally we’ve gotten to a bracket where we may get #2 instead of #1 and it’s so much more fun. If there was true competition every GW it’d be great.

Yesterday was fun. It was a challenging guild for us. Today, it’s just faceroll because it’s a joke.


Brace yourself pal, because we’ve been battling dead guilds for 2 years now and we still haven’t reached bracket 1000. The bracket system is totally broken, except maybe for the first tens or few hundreds (I wouldn’t know, it will take another couple of years to get there).

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on PC/Android, B1 just had a guild disband (1/30 members, 0 pts this week) and B10 has at least one (1/30). It’s a little better than 0/30 in that the game now keeps one person (ghost) in there for you to get points off, rather than being penalised for being matched with the dead guild.


Can confirm bracket 10 has a dead guild with 1/30 members

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Dead Guilds in brackets is made worse by the fact that a Guild is automatically registered for GW anytime a member collects seals or logs into Guild tasks.

Devs don’t seem to care. That Dead Guild earned its rank years ago. New Guilds just have to suck it up. Allegedly.


Well they did at least give you gems for winning whatever bracket you are in so that at least is positive change.

Dead Guilds says something both about the game and Guild Wars per se as part of the game at a deeper level. A way deeper systemic overhaul is required , but it ain’t coming.

Welcome to the club, @Snooj! Once I’ve been banned in a forum for battling over this topic (link). Nothing will be changed. We’ve climbed our way to the 7th bracket so far in 11 hops (months).

So if you want to change something - don’t expect anything =)

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It would be easy to fix this, just rank guilds on total score after every gw and distribute them into brackets. In a couple of month the bracket system would became stable again, and new active guilds could enter the competition easily.
Maybe leave out the first 3 brackets so the top guilds wouldn’t cry.

1.5m in bracket #wtf are completely different from a 1.5 scored in B1 vs enemies who have maxed kingdoms, factions, medals and sentinels

As I wrote in another post, guilds should be asked to have a min number of members to be able to register for GW (18 imho)


That’s already been analyzed and deemed a Bad Idea ™, scores across brackets don’t compare at all. The proper way to address the issue is to reduce the total number of brackets to a low number, like a dozen. High brackets contain few guilds, lower brackets progressively more guilds, so they all fit in. Within a few cycles the dead/dying guilds all end up in the bottom bracket, new guilds can rise to the top reasonably fast if they play well enough.


So bracket 20 would have, like, 100 guilds and the top 10 move up to bracket 19 that has 50 guilds. Then the top 10 of those move to bracket 18 that also has 50 guilds, but by bracket 15, only 5 move up and by bracket 10 we’re at our current system. I like it a lot.

It was a first idea :slight_smile:
Maybe a better one if the active guilds from a very low bracket would be pulled up and replace the dead guilds in higher brackets. Order is irrelevant, a couple gw and the guilds which were pulled up would rise or sink to their appropriate brackets. This could be done after any GW, active guilds could enter the competition and dead guilds would fall into the abyss.
This way the bracket system could be left unchanged for now.

What!? Is this a thing? Why do we have a “register” button on GW page then?

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It could just be a visual glitch. I wouldn’t know how to verify it, other than as the lowest rank, I am not eligible to register for GW. And yet, after GW reset, I log into Guild to claim seals and it says my Guild is now registered for GW. Maybe a Higher ranked Raider registered while I did that.

On 26 Oct, dead guild had 3,891,152 trophies. Today they have 3,891,461. Maybe they register on GW page, or maybe they get registered for collecting daily seals. They are in XBox Bracket 4 with 0 pts. And they will be in Bracket 6 next GW. gg wp

The devs have a method already in place for rewarding GW Winners. All I ask is that they take that method, and apply it to GW losers as well. Lose by a little, drop a little. Lose by a lot, drop by a lot.


We’ll see if they have the lucky chance of reading this comment before it self destructs Ethan Hunt.

↑ Fake news.


Quoted for posterity, as it’s actually a decent question.

Presumably no one can join if it’s invite only, so…shouldn’t the guild be auto-disbanded? :man_shrugging:

Maybe it’s a mix of also being for posterity (for the devs) in terms of guild existence, and potentially ‘disbanding’ not being a thing, but just de-listing instead (i.e. there’d be no real difference to the player, aside from guild names being taken, kind of like when an account gets _DEACTIVATED or _BANNED next to its invite code, making it become unusable and invisible, but still exists and can be re-instated). I potentially wouldn’t even be surprised if the coding for guilds used some kind of ‘_DISBANDED’ text :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

When it comes to GW, having a guild ‘disappear’ (from disbanding) mid-week might not necessarily fix anything or make the situation better – you still need to be able to face someone (for which the current fix kind of works, 1 opponent is better than none).

Just guessing.

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I think OP just wants dead guilds to disappear between wars, not within one.

Also, assuming @ChunkyMono is correct and guilds are auto-registered when they claim seals, it confirms why we won’t have automatic seal collection anytime soon (unless they either make GW registration a separate manual task or the above is coincidental ratger than causal).

As for my opinion, if GW registration remains automatic, due to whatever reason this is done, I think dead guilds (those that obtain 0 points for 1 or more GEs) should drop brackets faster than those who simply get the least amount of points. Since I have no clue as to the behavior of climbing/dropping brackets, I would say twice as fast for “dead guilds” would be more than fair.

And, while on the subject of automatic things: Devs, please either change seal claiming to be automatic or add it to the daily login extravaganza.

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This is a good idea. This lets the best brackets stay as they are, but fixes the issues for those of us not in the best brackets.

Ultimately, I just want a fun game mode. I want to fight a guild every day that is at least trying as hard as my guild does. That’s it. That’s what a bracket system should be trying to do.

Until that happens, I legit do not understand Guild Wars. :frowning: I hear some people complain that GWs are too time consuming when there’s also a world event, but at the moment for my guild, GW takes 5 minute tops so… ??? After a year of climbing it’s still faceroll.

Fingers crossed for this getting fixed.