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Guild Wars is a hot mess

I have been in a strong league for over a year. Every guild war we win convincingly or finish a close second and every war we continue to play inactive guilds!! It destroys the very concept. I know there will some bs feedback about getting your guild ranking to a proper level but if you can’t do that in a year its broken.

Here are some suggestions.

Remove any guild that has less than 10 (or even higher) members from competition. It will immediately fix 60% of the weak competition. If you really want to allow them the experience, put them in their own grouping.

Implement a better ranking system. This problem has already been solved a million times and can be googled for free code snippets. A slow climb up a ladder is just stupid. The score difference needs to be included in the calculation. If Guild A is rank 500 and Guild B is rank 499 and Guild A wins 120,000 to 1000, Guild A should not move to 499 and Guild B should not move to 500. Guild B should get massively penalized for not playing.

Consider tiers of teams to choose from when scheduling the matchups to get more interesting competition and the ability to move quicker in either direction. For example if my guild is in Tier 5 maybe we should battle 1-2 teams from Tier 4, 3-4 Teams from Tier 5 and 1-2 teams from Tier 6.

Just to prove how stupid the current situation is, here are the current scores midway through the current GW

212,648 - 0
186,975 - 4188
161,705 - 4965

It would be a lot worse but my guild has given up on GW being fun.

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Do players get less points for beating an inactive guild or a guild with less players?

@Denthegod no, you get the same amount of points you would against any active guild.

Ok then keep it the way it is. I hate guild wars so much I’ll take the free wins.

Hey GoW team - Please note the hate for Guild Wars. It needs to be fixed.

I agree with you. An active guild should move up more quickly. It takes far too long.

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