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Inactive guilds-devs please read

For guilds starting at the bottom and working thier way up I find it incomprehensible that we have to wade through hundreds of guilds who only sign up for the reward but do not play a single match. I feel that to discourage this any guild with a 0 score at the end of a gw week should be disqualified and not receive any rewards. This way active guilds might actually move up brackets to a more competitive level without wading through the swamp. Please devs, do something to discourage guilds from signing up for gw then not playing!!


@Saltypatra only one I know to tag, any thoughts here.

I’m not super competitive, so my opinion won’t mesh with yours. I kinda like having some low level jobbers during a guildwars week. My guild is easily frustrated and having a couple of easy days helps morale.

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Our guild had been rank 2, 27 of us started a new guild due to disagreements with management. We knew it would take time to rebuild, but getting over a million score in the low brackets and only moving up 8 brackets was tough and we still find ourselves surrounded by guilds that don’t play. If they weren’t in the way we, and every other lower level guild, would be rising faster. It makes no sense that these inactive guilds should be rewarded for thier inactivity and encouraged to continue registering as road blocks for the rest of us

They set it up that wAy for a reason. So new power guilds can’t just cruise to the top, it’s a long slow crawl unfortunately.

There’s no reason for guilds who don’t play to sign up and less reason to reward them for it. It’s guild wars, if your not going to war why sign up other than to receive unearned rewards?

It isn’t fair to the other low bracket guilds we have been competing with either

The ones that play I mean

I like the idea of sorting all guilds with zero points behind guilds with non-zero points, but I worry about what should happen if a guild in, say, bracket 2 sits out a week in protest (or because of a ludicrous confluence of events) and earns no points for that week. Offer only applies to brackets below 60? Is that about where you stop seeing scores of zero? Bracket 100?

Not sure when we will get past the inactive guilds, but I know they shouldn’t be rewarded for doing nothing. If there were no reward it would discourage guilds that have no intention of playing from even registering as there would be no point in it. It would make guild wars actual wars, at least on the low end. Right now less than half of the guilds in the three brackets we can see have played at all

And that’s after an 8 brackets jump from our first week

Seriously, even losses will earn you points

This wont really help, the guild leader will then just sign up his guild, lose one battle and call it a day (week) and still receive a reward

At leaSt he would have to do more than nothing for it