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Weapon System Rework!

basic idea is to make weapons drop in some kinds of chests, also ascending and leveling weapons

it potencially can:

  • support all the gacha economy troop system did so far without harming developers income

  • make all the free2play players happy about weapons availability

  • bring hero back in the spotlights

Hero already got “brought back” to the level where it has annoyingly more stats than any other card around. Many strong weapons around too (or do we upgrade the “weak” ones and not the strong ones? and if so - how/who will decide which one is which :P). I don’t know if a come-back to 30+ aoe manacles would be a good thing… The only thing hero might be lacking compared to other cards is traits - and here’s the problem, if hero had that too - it’d be a must-use-because-the-best card.

I agree we could use a way to obtain the missing weapons (new players more than anyone else). Maybe putting them in the chests could work, if they are rare enough (mythic kind of drop?). Then again that might butt in, in any plans of selling those weapons in the cash shop - like on consoles (correct me if I’m wrong, I recall someone saying the weapons are available 5$ each there, weekly?).

Maybe some new weapons would allow for using hero in different types of decks, dunno, but it’s a risky thing on the border of creating a new “everyone uses hero with this weapon” meta.

ps. go pvp more Anna! :smiley:

Not saying I’m against this but adding weapons to already existing growing pool of troops would make finding the specific ones even harder. So it would be cool to see something like this but with another currency exclusiv for weapons and crafting. A lot can be done in this section. Maybe even crafting some unique armor stronger then death knight? That armrest could be also bought but available to those who can’t buy it through crafting.


im not saying these weapons should be leveled to become stronger then are now,

weapons should rather end up in power somewhere around where they are right now

also old weapons can be left as they are, just starting with new weapons could be leveled and just them starting with lower stats (the stats i am talking about would refer to mana costs and spell description - not a fixed hero stat boost)

main purpose of this request is to allow f2p players to earn their weapon, without giving the full value of it right away, so to make developers and players both happy

hero was brought back to game but not to the ‘spotlight’ (that refers to the scene where the main thing is going on, not a side thing) but thats relative point of wiev, my statement what ‘it potentially can’ remains correct as well as your statement.

and i cannot play atm, at work :confused:


i agree thats why i offered another solution for that a while ago:

obviously chances and balancing can be decided by devs
the basic idea of it still remains

i like it too =)
and armor could be colectible leveled/ascended just as well, why not xD

i also totally dont mind crafting, i even like it a lot, but i was thinking it can be harder to support developers income with crafting then gacha

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Not if the parts to craft could be bought. Say you need 1000 mythic craft pieces and 1000 gems to make a 200/200/200% armor. And 1 random piece can be obtained after finishing a battle. And up to 3 pieces maybe earned via a new mini game, like some of the games we had in PQ. Also there wouldn’t be only 1 type piece but there should be a couple different tiers to make gathering a lot harder. Say you can get 1 mythic tier piece from a battle with a same chance we get celestial stones. And mini game would have a better chance of course. Now you add to shop an option to buy 100 parts of those mythic pieces for say 20 bucks. That mythic armor would either cost 200 bucks or a lot of farming :slight_smile:
I’m talking about all of this from the top of my head but if I’d put my mind to it I could think how the whole system could work to benefit both players and devs. But that would take some time and would be pointless since I’m pretty sure devs wouldn’t/couldn’t take it :confused:

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I love for it to happen in some way! :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :two_hearts:

And I’m kinda of expecting the Devs to already have something like this in mind to add next year at the earliest since the Hero level cap is off. The majority of players do not belong to some high efficient guild. Grinding to 10k will take a while for the majority of players to accomplish. Adding a simple chest that require you to open regularly in order to get copies of any weapon is something that the majority of players will find attainable in the immediate future. There would be incentives to buy copies of weapons with glory I presume or whatever the price the Devs deem fit. Any other details are yet to be determined as they will be tracking to see what other factors may be affecting the majority of players to keep playing and paying.

WTG @Annaerith for putting this idea forward and get the conversation going! :clap: :clap: :clap:

At a minimum, we need a new hero weapon: the Wargwhacker. Deals 10 damage to target troop, scaled 2:1 by total level count of all enemy troops. On enemy death, it will spawn up to two level 1 Wargs. So yes Virginia, you do not want to kill those Wargs with your Wargwhacker.