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Ascend Hero Weapons

Just throwing the idea out there, since we have alot of weak weapons just lying around and almost never, ever touch.
How about give us a way to ascend those, much like how we ascend the troops?

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What would this do? Stats are associated with the Hero and class, not with the weapon itself. Would you have weapon ascension change the spell somehow? (That sounds like a lot of work, custom for each spell and rarity.)

They could have weapons give stat bonuses once ascended. It’s like they have a +0 mod now to all stats, so no reason you couldn’t give them mods. A few points here and there could be interesting and would help heroes be a little more relevant.

Not sure how you’d start introducing a bunch of weapons into the game though. A new mini-game? A new chest?

Yeah, I suppose so. Can’t say I’d be opposed to it — depending on how it’s implemented, could be an interesting additional collection mechanic.

I’m just throwing ideas out coz I think something should be done about those old weapons…

I’m not buying multiple weapons at £3.99 to get a little boost. Maybe glory purchase weapons but please, not for the ones that are bought with money.


Just increase the base value. Ex weapon damage is Magic+0, that would be Magic+1 after one ascension.
As we can’t get multiple copies of the same weapon, the ascension could be based on souls or traitstones.

However, after some thinking, this would only increase the gap between good and bad weapons. Since it would benefit common weapons such as crude club or sword of heroes, as well as weapons that hit multiple enemies. Which are already the most used weapons. The only weapon that wouldn’t be upgradable is Dawnbringer, so this would be, in practice, kinda nerfing Dawnbringer.

No, eh. It would be upgrading the other weapons. Or else ascending Legendary troops would mean nerfing Mythics.