Upgrade material suggestions

I’m trying the new build and I found that I have upgraded one of my weapons that I’m using for it too much. My suggestion is that you make a upgrade material that allows you to unupgrade a weapon. Maybe call it a scrubbing stone and have it allow you to back off of an upgrade for a weapon. I know this is not just a problem with me I was watching a video of someone playing the game and saying the same thing that they upgraded their weapon too much but there’s no way to go back there’s no way to trash the weapon and start over and I see this as a Flaw in the game and I wanted to make the suggestion if it hasn’t been made already to resolve this. If this has been suggested before I’m sorry up new to the forums new to the game and I don’t know the correct way of going about it

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Theres a reason why the Devs haven’t implented this into the game. 1. Cause upgrading weapons mean you max out the quality of the weapon and it makes it stronger to use in battle.

There are specific situations, where underleveling a troop or weapon (the best known one certainly is the Bandit) can lead to an advantage, that gets lost when maximizing them.
This is a design flaw. I don’t think, it should be further encouraged by offering a mechanic aiming for it, but rather be fixed in some way.


Right now I’m using volcano mace and at the very end of it the very last upgrade it gives me a firestorm when matching 4 or more, afterwards I found
That a dust storm is infinitely better with the volcano mace. However I can no longer get rid of that firestorm perk. If there was a way I could de-upgrade it then I could make so many more better uses of it but there’s no option for that

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It’s been a frequently recurring topic the past years. The best approach would likely be to allow players to toggle weapon upgrades on/off, similar to hero talents. Unfortunately there isn’t any correct way of going on about it, the devs don’t visit the forum and don’t seem to be interested in any player feedback at all.

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ah, thats really sad to hear about the devs not being interested in player feed back. kinda sucks, im new here so im just finding out how things works and im new to the game and really wish there was a solution to this issue even if its not mine but i guess there will never be one