Traits on Hero Weapons

In these days I’ve tried some builds that include Hero.
Since the release of 1.09 with the introduction of traits Hero has become one of the weakest troops (very low stats even if compared to upgraded common troops).

Why not introduce the possibility to upgrade every weapon with 3 traits, so Hero can switch traits by switching weapons?

I hope that my idea is clear, sorry if my English is not perfect.

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You are on 1.08. In 1.09 the hero is being reworked to be more useful.

Sorry, I mean 1.08

No need to be sorry :). I don’t know exactly what they doing to heros, but they are changing them in 1.09, so hopefully that fixes things.

Such a thoughtful @ThoughtfulMoron

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Best idea I have read in forum

Hmm, really not the best idea… as (1) that’d be tons more to unlock on the zillions of weapons we never use and (2) that misses out on doing something far more interesting and different with the heroes…

Honestly, I don’t see why it would be a bad idea. In your first point about it unlocking the ability to tons of trait raising, well I’m all for it. Pre-patch, the game had become so stale, having to pursue these new goals gives an agenda that I believe most have found refreshing. So wouldn’t adding that same example to weapons be just so?
The weapons are already scaled in class, and a lot are unobtainable without getting all colour masteries above 40 or purchasing via the reward system through honour. So it gives newcomers an even bigger incentive to increase their levels or increase their PVP activity.
Apart from all this, I’m sure there are many people that see their own ‘hero’ (key word here) as nothing more than a grunt in comparison to even ‘common’ troops at the present time. I certainly would find it refreshing to come across a more diverse PVP defence than the regular Zaejin/True Shot/Dragon teams.
To me it was a very sound idea, most of the work has already been completed and would take nothing special to add the already in-game traits to weapons.

Unlock ablility traits for the hero (pick and choose, or do like old puzzle quests with different armor types, rings, etc.) and he counts towards every class/type so bonuses don’t get lost