A different way of looking at Hero Weapons?

So, we keep on getting Hero buffs, and I appreciate them, but the plain fact is that I still don’t have room to place the Hero in any of my regular lineups.

I think it’s time to admit that the issue is not with the Attributes, but with the actual Weapon effect. The fact is, even though it Looks like there is a versatile choice of weapons, there is really only a few that are worthwhile to use. When considering color combinations, good teamups with Hero weapons become even more hard to find.

My proposal is, other than equipping weapons, can we have the Hero ASSUMES the spell abilitiy of a target monster we control? Call it … Summoner-Bond or something. So instead of a weapon, I can have my Hero bind with Valkyrie to get its Soul farming feature, or bind with Sheggra to turn into an offensive skull maniac.

Similarly, we can turn around and allow our Monsters to equip Hero Weapons as well. This will certainly unlock a huge variety of team combinations. For example, it would amuse me to see Sparkgrinder equipped with a Daemonimicon, or the Horseman Death swinging around the Creeping Death scythe.

Any takers on this idea? Discuss.

While I’m certain this could be entertaining, both of these suggestions (Hero taking on troop traits or troops equipping weapons) would require not only huge amounts of coding but also comprehensive gameplay mechanic changes which in turn would require changes to the games GUI, etc. I just don’t see that ever happening.

I think a more appropriate (and likely) “fix” would be the devs reworking some of the existing weapons to make them more viable or, and this is probably even more likely to happen, the devs will continue to add Hero classes and weapons that will hopefully be of the viable and fun kind.


I hate to say it… but … I agree with @ogunther

It would be fun, but never implemented. A variation that I thought of, which I don’t think would ever exist either, was to have the hero have selectable colors regardless of weapon, so that you could truly diversify his viability. :wink:

all they need to do is rework the weapons a little to reflect current powerlevel of troops most of them just need cost adjustments. Sun and moon for instance would be much more playable at 14 rather than 16 mana. There are a number of other ones that could use a huge rework in general.

Bottom line weapons need “stronger” effects. Stuff like black manacles, creeping death etc. have.
But there are about 20 weapons that are regularly used so I would say situation with weapons is bad at all.
Actually I just did a count and there are 36 weapons (by my opinion) that could be used in team to beat any end game team.

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What? You hate to agree with me? What’d I do?
Hehe j/k :wink:

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Now that I think of it weapons aren’t the problem, hero is the most flexible troop that we have. Weapons allow you to do anything any other troop can do. Deals aoe damage, put negative stats on enemy, deal single target damage, buff your team (every stats can be buffed), devour, create gems. Every mechanic is covered with weapons. The real problem are hero traits. There a good reason only 2 (eventually 3 classes are ever played).
Maybe a good buff for hero would be to enable him to have a custom designed traits. For example human class hero could pick 3 traits in this way:
For trait one you get to chose any first trait that you have unlocked on your human troop. Same goes for second and third trait. You would need to have that trait unlocked on the troop to be able to select it for hero.
My human class hero traits would be:
Daemon slayer - deal double skull damage to demons (ferit’s first trait)
Stealthy - (ravens second trait)
For the people - (queen Ysabelle third trait)

Or beast class hero traits:
Alert - (Jackelope first trait)
Arcane - (kerberos second trait)
Empowered - (spirt fox third trait)



ummm that would easily be broken as hell.

sounds cool but completely over powered.

Feel free to say how would it be overpowered?
Note that you are restricted to pick only unlocked traits and only from a single troop type.
Most troop types only have 2-3 legendary troops. And you still only get one legendary trait at max.
So tell me how would it be overpowered?

I would love a Hero “Mimic” class whose spell was that once per battle you could change into any other Hero class & weapon for the remainder of that battle. It’d still probably be a nightmare to code so I doubt it would ever happen.

My problem with Heros is even with all the different classes and weapons, Heros just don’t feel like the most powerful troop in the game because all their abilities are already in the game. I really feel like Heros should have some truly unique and powerful abilities to make them feel like the god killers they are.


@DonBoba I like your idea of having the ability to select traits from troop type that coincides with class,


What if instead the customization comes from only HERO class traits? Meaning, once you have put in the time to learn the skills of a class you ALWAYS have them at your disposal.

So I could have a hero with:

Fire Heart (Warlord 1st trait)
Fast (Archer 2nd Trait)
Ensoul (Necromancer 3rd trait)

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you could get armor reduction 50% empowered and necromancy in your hero that way (if it was notlimited to picking only one unit - if one unit take the manticore traits…)

still think not broken? xD

edit: but i do want more and better traits for the hero!
at least one class with necromancy please :sob:

What’d I like to see is have the weapons with slots you sacrifice resources to to power up. Example sacrifice 100 minor red for a small attack boost or something similar when using that weapon or to give an ability. But it can only have one or two slots and if you change the resources are lost. You could do this for souls, gold, maps, or glory as well. It gives purpose for excess resources and could fuel sales of resources through the shops. It would also allow for a wide range of variation, but with a particular scope. Probably have it based on the resource and not the weapon to simplify.

Yep it still isn’t broken. If you select all 3 trairs from one troop, you already had those traits on that troop. 50% and necromancy aren’t really strong traits. They are not week either but far from overpowered.

i still think impervious + empowered is too much

and generally troops with their traits are balanced with their spell effect, leaving hero the choice of spell effect and the choice of all the game traits can lead to some broken combos that would be surely found sooner or later by the players


My hero traits would be : IMPERVIOUS, gorgotha’s 75% skull dmg reduction, IMPERVIOUS (because fuck it one is never enough), or Empowered. Sounds balanced!

yeah but you didn’t have full variety of weapons to pick from on top of them AND stupid amount of stats compared to most troops (say hi to having to finish the hero off after AOE’ing down everything else, because that’s back where it is after the recent “minor buff”)

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You pretty much didn’t understand the concept at all.
Gorgotha is a daemon and only daemon hero class could select traits from daemons. And 75% skull reduction would have to be in the third slot.

Your hero is supposed to be your strongest troop. Not a troop 80% of players avoid. .

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Bottom line unique traits could be restricted from beingnpicked since they are unique.

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I disagree that it’s supposed to be your “Strongest troop”, I do agree it should be equally interesting (maybe more versatile) to other troops.

But your suggestion would make it a must-have-overpowered-beefcake, that’s all.


maybe … but still not sure if it’s worth the hassle … ppl would find a way to abuse it and make it a must-use anyway … and we’re still waiting for the timestamps in chat, so THIS might take a while :smiley:

(actually I want to change my comment, we’re still waiting for arena buff :frowning: seriously, the simple one … just increase trophies and gold, then take your time making a bigger “rework” or “rebalance” or arena, simple solution could already be here for us to enjoy)