Hero Weapon/Items need something like traits

Love all of the changes in the patch, and how you keep moving toward a game that favors more experimenting and unique team builds. The trait system really helps diversify the potential teams even more by creating a lot more opportunity for fun and unique synergies with different troop compositions.

The one concern I have is that with all of the troop options, we move farther away from using your hero and all of the fun and neat weapons/items that you have created. When you use a hero for a weapon/item, you now not only lose a potential team bonus, but now in addition trait bonuses.

I think each weapon/item should have a Kingdom association and work toward that kingdom bonus, as if the presence of that Kingdom’s artifact inspires the troops from that kingdom. I would also like to see some sort of Trait Stone/Enhancement system for weapons/items also.


Devs have said 1.0.9 will include a Hero revamp, so who knows, maybe that includes traits / troop assignment / kingdom assignments, etc :stuck_out_tongue:


Going into 1.0.8 we looked at means to keep heroes current with Troops, but we decided to delay a hero update until a future patch so we could focus on it properly.

We’re currently brainstorming ideas (including one similar to your weapon + traits) to help bring hero up to the same point as troops.

We are hoping to have it in the 1.0.9 update.