Need new weapons!

Once you collected 50 point each mana colour you unlocked imperial jewel and then???
I think we need more weapons to be unlocked collecting mana points otherweise this part of the game will not be enough exciting without any goal to reach…

Spend $5 a week to unlock the weekly weapon. you get other good loot too.

That’s a good thing but I think there must be something new also for the players that don’t want to spend money.

I think players that don’t want to spend money have already gotten enough for free.

Every new kingdom means a new weapon to be unlocked at 40/40 for the colors of that kingdom.
If you’re beyond that, you get it when you level up.
So there are still new weapons added.
Other than that I fully agree with @UKresistance.

Older players that were around in the very early days got several event weapons for free that haven’t been made available in over a year. At the very least, the Devs should make those weapons available to everyone at some point.


I think the same thing
Instead of 2 new weekly troops to be bought with glory points once a month it could be available 1 new troop and 1 new weapon

I feel we need more weapons of all types. A weapon for every type of buff/debuff, types that do 2 or three or more effects, ones that make you go, did it do something or did it forget to work.

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That’s an extremely short sited view. Both paying and free players work together to make this game viable. Paying players help keep the bills paid and new features coming and the free players keep the player base large and viable so that there is a big enough community to keep everyone happy and the game healthy.

Both sets deserve to be catered to. If the free items stop, the free players leave and then the community dies followed by the game; both of which negatively impact the paying players. A game like this needs both.

And before I get accused of being a “freeloader” I’m VIP 6, so I’ve spent a good deal of money on the game and have zero ill will toward my non-paying brethren.


What about those of us who already have all those weapons, too? I don’t see how more adding more weapons to the game would be a bad thing. I’m not saying it’s the most important thing to focus on right now, but the more the merrier, I say.

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I’m VIP 6 as well. But I still don’t have Sun and Moon or Crescendo simply because I started playing after the last window of availability. That is what is not fair.

I’m VIP 0. I have S&M and crescendo. Butt I’m missing a few weapons and I don’t like that I’m missing them.

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Oh, I’m not saying there shouldn’t be a way for newer players to get the missing weapons, I’m just saying in addition to that, adding new ones would be awesome. Not being able to get a weapon you want/need right now is not cool; we’re in agreement on that for sure.

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We also get a new really good weapon with every new hero class. And eventually we’ll all get that weapon that was given for free to those that went to that aussie game convention.