Suggestion considering weekly offers

It came to my mind that since the update we never had the chance to buy weapons that we are maybe missing since the weekly offers have changed. Now shop offers us a spoils of war box that doesn’t contain anything valuable really, and we have no chance to really get a weapon that we maybe missed.

My suggestion is this:
Instead of giving us every 2 weeks a new weapon that will add up to the list of weapons we never use (and the list is really big) maybe have a new troop every week (since troops are really importan now to level up those kingdom powers). One week we could have a previous weapon in spoils of war chest to buy along with the new troop chest, and the next week a new weapon could be contained in spoils of war chest and a new troop in a regular chest. There are many kingdoms without the 8th troop, and while biggest part of the players won’t reach level 5 power anytime soon it would make life easier for reaching lower power levels.

While you’re right that the weapons are mostly never used (who uses their hero anyway, except for a “sheggra + sheggra’s heart + valkyrie”-build), I still would rather not have a new troop every week. If you’re buying enough copies of a troop to get it to mythic, you really need that week to save enough glory for the upcoming troop.

Well, with some Hero love coming in 1.0.9, that might not be true any more, so while your suggestion makes sense for the short term, I’m not sure it works long term. That said, it would be nice to keep old weapons people might have missed in rotation.

No matter if you have 10 or 110 weapons you still can use 1 at a time. Having so many weapons makes many weapons never to be used. I don’t mind the variety, but would appreciate more to be able to acquire stuff of madness then getting another weapon I won’t ise, just for the collection.

I’m sure they can’t do a new troop every week, too many balance issues with that, not to mention that it would quickly become too easy to power up kingdoms. One a monthish like they’re doing seems about right to me, as long as they do balance updates that bring existing troops in line.

Variety in weapons is helpful for Arena because you don’t know what color(s) of mana you’ll need to complete your team, or whether you’ll need to use your hero for direct damage or support. If the devs can figure out how to make Arena’s rewards worthwhile that’ll improve the value of weapons significantly.

I approve of selling weapons. I still need a staff of madness.

Once khethar is gold star and you set it as your home kingdom you get 160 gold just from collecting tributes from it. While arena brings just a bit above that with decent level of playing required.

Yes, but there are multiple weapons you might find useful in different situations. I mean, that logic is like saying we only need four troops, because we can’t use more than that in a given team.

Also, I think you meant to say Khetar gives 160 souls, not gold. :wink:

Yes soul xD
And for weapons it’s more about that there are probably 30+ weapons no one has ever used.

That was true of troops until recently (think Centaur Scout, which was pretty meh but now is the absolute bomb with Agile and True Shot). Given time, who knows what weapons we might start using.

Given time yes. And still there are troops no one is using even with everything added (peasent for example).

What? The peasent is the backbone of the defense for many people I encounter every now and then :wink:

Furthermore for some players peasant is a lone and a brave defendor :muscle: :smile:

Sure, if we get some overpowered features added to random old weapons to make them as broken (and freely available) as the Centaur Scout then we’ll all be using those weapons again…


in arena specifically i have noticed opponents using the first red weapon. What with magic and all that weapon gets alot stronger because its damage is based on magic skill.