Yes its Sad but true

All the new hero wepons that cost 800 gems to get that is ran like every other day. When players wont or cant pay real money and then fall behind other players that do pay what do you think is gonna happen? They are gonna walk away and uninstall this game. I come to play everyday but I also have a family and with all the events where I cannot obtain any new weapons because pretty much either pay or do without and i choose to do without. I am getting burned out fast. Not sure why this is happening since its a free game . Somebody is getting extremely greedy with this game and its not good for business. Sure i dont mine spending money but all the new content shoved down our throats every other day will burn the makers of this game in the end. You all turned a great game into something many players dont like. If i cant get new stuff without buying gems then why even bother logging in to this game… this is only my opinion thanks.


Why can’t we forge new delve weapons like in raid/invasion? Because $$$ that’s why. Sucks.


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The game should never have weapons that can only be obtained through significant gem (ie cash really) purchases.

@Sirrian long had the game skilfully walking the edge of the cash paying model but deliberately and admirably never quite pay-to-win.

These Faction event weapons cross that line, if they never reappear in the forge or another way to get them.


I want to agree with you, but the part of me that actually enjoys grinding for things pulls me in a different direction.

If there is something worth grinding for, I’ll grind for it.

And for me, the opportunities at favorable RNG drops from chests are the only thing in this game that’s seemingly worthy of the grind (says the player who really only plays one game mode :wink:).

But, I can empathize with those who are finding that this game is becoming too much of a grind to be enjoyable. Based on the forum threads, the numbers appear to be growing, and this is unfortunate for GoW.

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I can see you frustration BUT if i am not mistaken the Delve weapons will appear again everytime that Faction event will be on, so in a way you will have always a chance to get it.

I got the point that 800 gems is a high cost, but he game provides free gems everyday, thru login, event rewards and on Treasure Maps, so honestly you dont need to pay at all to play, you just need to PLAY.

Like @TheDragonSeoul said before me, in this game you need to grind (or farm is your prefer) and thats the key to success.

Basicly the point in case is the game is not aimed to benefit P2W players (obviouslly paying always helps) but actually reward more the players that have plenty of time to play… the longer you play per day the faster you will get whatever you want.

The truth is not many other free games provide you with means to get the REAL currency for free (Gems in GoW case), and here you can grind them with time and PATIENCE doing treasure maps.

Again, i understand the frustration of not being able to get the stuff when you want, but that is also part of balance of the game, believe this comes from a guy who never gets a Mythics from chests.

Anyways, i wish you luck in your request, i just wanted to express my opinion.


I’m wondering why these weapons aren’t in forge in the first place?! Any Raid/Invasion weapon will be available to be crafted while the corresponding event is running.
So I suggest, have them craftable for the time the delve events are running.

Is there even any weapons rotating in the soul forge or just the same ones weekly?

I hardly ever check but just like the troops change weekly I think a few weapons should be in the pool as well and rotating if not all weapons. :upside_down_face:

Stop complaining people.
There are a lot of ways now to earn FREE gems.
Guild Tasks and Daily Tasks are 2 of the main ones.
You can easily get around 200 free gems a week just by doing all of the GT each week and all of your DTs each day.
So, what are you complaining about?


To reinforce your point, Blue Statue in Guild Tasks provide a final amount of 390 gems.

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I didn’t think it was that high.
But 390 gems plus all of the gem rewards from Daily tasks mean you can get around 500 free gems a week just from these 2 sources,
Which is a lot higher than my original amount.

Where are these weapons that run every other day?

Do you mean the raid and invasion weapon, which are both in forge for a week. Or the weekly Tuesday faction specific weapon (?), which is repeatable when the faction event returns on its specific Tuesday.

Do you feel you are being beaten by players with a specific weapon you can’t get?

I have played Pvp for over 2 weeks since 4.0 was released, not one hero I’ve come across has used or had a faction weapon equipped.

You don’t need to buy anything to get these weapons, but you do need to save your gems up so when the faction event returns in a couple weeks on a Tuesday, you can get the weapon you so very much desire.

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I think too many people feel as if they don’t do every event to the maximum, they aren’t doing enough
Think of events as optional content as opposed to required
It’s like when u go into a restaurant, u pick what u want to eat, u don’t complain that there are too many menu items for u to pay for and eat Lol
Just play what and how much u want and have fun

And as far as the “pay to win”, I am the proof that it is not
I am VIP 0, never spent a dime, got zuulgoth on Monday

It’s all about time n dedication, along with using resources carefully after a certain point
Be patient n have fun, it’s a marathon not a sprint


Congrats on Zuulgoth! Did you win events to get some of the Power Orbs?


This is kind of where I sit. But it’s definitely a change in GoW.

For a long time it’s been true that an F2P player can 100% participate and get all rewards. I don’t think it’s true anymore. I’m not crunching numbers to find out. But I know I’ve been skipping or avoiding some events because I didn’t feel I could maintain the tiers I want to buy in other events.

I’m not as happy with it, but I also feel like there are still plenty of gems to participate in faction events, the weekly guild-focused event, and to some degree one of the rotating optional events such as class events or bounty hunts. When they all converge on this week, like they did, I simply can’t spend enough gems to get 100% of the rewards.

Some of those rewards are nice, but ultimately minor. I don’t mind if people who spend “a little money” get “a little more rewards”. Looking at this week, what with a faction weapon AND a class event for a relevant class AND a bounty hunt, I think I get why we had a gem sale recently. As little as $10 would’ve put me in the black here. I didn’t want to spend $10, I’m having a bit of a personal crisis so I needed it. Whatever.

Again though: this is a change in GOW. So people are going to be upset. They feel like they have to 100% everything because until mid-2018 it was possible for most players to 100% everything without spending cash. Now it’s not. They’re going to be upset.

I don’t think this is worthy of “stop complaining”. I think one of the biggest selling points of GoW for me has been “I can do everything without paying if I work really hard”. Taking that away makes it harder for me to justify it to new players. That matters, to some extent.

I also don’t foresee it changing. And if it gets much “worse”, I might reconsider the time I’m investing.


Alot of people have already uninstalled the game or walked away. Meanwhile more people are installing and playing the game. It is what it is. :confused:

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5 invasion and 1 class event


That is unbelievable!:open_mouth:

Congrats @FeelTheBern! That truly shows if you spend gems wisely you can get what you are after.

You were also in a bracket 1 guild that wins a lot in wars but still quite a achievement.



Game is still not ‘pay to win’ ‘pay to play’ it’s nearly there but not yet. Devs are very smart. I’ve stopped using gems to obtain troops so I can spend on weekly events as I enjoy GW and invasion, raid not so much.

The view I have is spend your gems very wisely. That mythic you crave will eventually be in the forge. Players discretion, if they want to blow all their gems on a mythic they can eventually craft.