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Why Trickster's Shot isn't available for 5$?

Like Divine Protector was, those newer weapons should be available at least for cash during their kingdom’s event


I thought about buying Divine Protector, but realized that if I bought it I would use it in Guild Wars to defeat other players, including other new players who couldn’t afford to buy it. I’d literally be paying to win.

While other cash purchases can also help you to win by providing resources, free players can get those same resources over time. Not so for weapons. Everyone who buys them would be unable to get them without paying.

The Shop overhaul will probably come in the next Update and hopefully will bring changes to offer more than a single weapon bundle for 5$ at the same time. I hope we get a tab with all weapons from a kingdom during it’s weekly event. @Cyrup, if you so kindly would make the devs aware about this? Thank you.:bird:

Cnsidering tha people willing to buy these weapons just to complete their collections wouldn’t do it more than once there is little to no reason to keep those rotating just for the sake of “Muh F2P window of opportunity 5#17Y practice…”


The more scarce it is, the more likely you will pay when it does show up or make sure to spend money on gems so you don’t miss another.

In the last daily thread about this I remember, some players pointed out they’ve been waiting more than a year for one of the weapons they’re missing.

Not that I think it’s a good state, but the devs will pay more attention if we have one very loud, 300+ post thread than if we post a new thread for every individual weapon we think deserves a rerelease.

This SHOULD have been the week to put Trickster’s Shot in there … perfect opportunity and the game definitely would have brought in some loot. Theres atleast 5 people in my guild that don’t have it and would have spent the $5 for it. What do we get ? Fey Wand … i swear that has been in there before in the 1 year I’ve been playing this game . Come on devs … people can use this to do better in raid, invasions, and tower of doom … you want us to do better and be more invested in those game modes riiiiiiight ?

But this doesn’t applies in our enviroment. The only reasons to buy a weapon in Gow are:

  • The weapon is good it’ll give me an advantage by enabling certain/more team compositions.
  • The weapon is bad, but i’m missing it for my collection.

We can’t buy a weapon more than once (maybe we can but there is no point) so it doesn’t matter if it can be bought once in a year or if they are available all the time. The devs can’t earn more money by simply letting players wait for the return of a weapon unless they decide to make some of the best weapons more expensive.

Right now they are missing the chance to make money this week and in every other week until it finally becomes available in the shop for the players who missed it. And if we assume there are always more players coming, there are more potential clients willing to make such small purchases/“donations” to support this amazing game.

Knowing that a weapon will be on the shop ONLY for real cash later already warrants enough waryness from players to not miss this “window of opportunity” and use gems.

Anyone capable of rubbing two brain cells together would see that this makes no sense, look at the fact that 5$ dollars worth of gems is not enough to purchase the Shop Tier with a weapon… Do they really expect people to buy $50 $100 worth of gems to get ONE weapon during a single weekly event?

Some players could probably decide to buy some weapons every now and then in the upcoming months until they have all weapons if they are all available all the time. And if they have all weapons, maybe they would chase all troops fully ascended and potentially spend some more time and maybe cash in the game.

Mostly your list of two reasons is missing “the Divine Protector Conundrum”. It is always possible that post-release, a weapon can receive buffs that make it better than it was when you decided it wasn’t worth it.

We get refunds if they make it worse, but if they make it better like this there’s not a lot of precedent for speedy re-releases. So if you aren’t buying every new weapon as it comes available, you’re taking a risk.