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When will Tricksters Shot be available?

It’s really good and I want it.

Also wonder about Earth Fury.

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These weapons are put on sale during the weekly event of their respective kingdoms at the cost of U$4.99.

But keep in mind that such sales rotates and can feature some other old weapons from the same kingdom.

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Yeah I know… it’s just that I didn’t buy that weapon (I was new and didn’t understand or started afterwards) and the strategists in my guild use that stupid weapon (and Earths Fury, Yasmines pride/chosen)
when they advice on teams for ToD/Delves/GW/Whatever…it’s maddening!!

By not having those weapons me and other low - midlvls are not sure what teams to create cause we miss 50% of things.
We can’t expect our strategists to custom Tailor a team for every freaking guild member.
So getting the weapons is an easy solution.

Wasn’t the meaning to rant but I guess that’s how I feel…


You’re not the only one and we get the same venting from members in our team too.

We try and advise new members to purchase the released weapons good or bad for that reason even if it puts pressure on their gem reserves.

Hope the devs find it in their heart to put these in the soul forge in future.


Earth’s Fury was one of the event weapons when I was away this summer. Even though I had someone logging in and doing the minimum for me they didn’t spend any gems for anything so I lost out on a bunch of stuff. I would love a chance to be able to buy what I lost out on while I was gone.


Fully agree. Can this be the next “remove 50 gems for class change” please? Come on people, let your voice be heard! :slight_smile:


Would be nice to get the older weapons. +1


Grab your pitchforks and torches :joy:



Would be great if alongside the cash shop, an old weapon or two per week was available for glory/gem purchase…


Yes, even if the price is somewhat high this would be a help.

Same for soulforge.


Speaking of, has anyone actually crafted any of the weapons in soul forge except for the prereqs for Dawnbringer and Xathenos? Wasting 50 gems and two Celestial traitstones is a waste if you do it once, let alone twelve times.


From what I recall, the cost to get an event weapon is 500 gems or 800 diamonds (plus other stuff that can be farmed easily). 500 gems is actually easier to acquire than 800 diamonds, so I have never crafted a weapon in the Soulforge. I don’t know who would, since it’s hardly like you only get the weapon for those 500 gems you spent.

(Edit: oh, you were talking about the epic-rarity weapons. I did all 12. I had resources to spare, and got tired of seeing them available to craft.)

I also fully support bringing back older weapons more frequently in the shop. They don’t need to be available for glory/gems; real money is fine. Spending $5 on Earth’s Fury is likely a better purchase than anything else $5 would get you in-game.


I missed out on the Fire and Ice weapon earlier this year when it was in the shop, and when its kingdom was up for event again there was another weapon available. I destroyed my whole house that day out of anger.

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I always craft new weapons in the forge, also the 800 diamond and spend most of the time nothing for events. All the gems are needed for new mythics with awesome bad luck…

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It’s interesting that your strategy is different (just the opposite?) from mine. I am okay missing a mythic on its release: I will spend diamonds later to get it in the Soulforge. This means I can spend gems on events (and weapons), but have to save my diamonds ferociously to spend them crafting troops.

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I craft good mythics they i missing also later, like the last one. But so crap like gargantaur are nothing worth, only for the collection. So, something is missing but that is okay for me these days. GoW days are counted…

One of my reasons for picking up GoW was that I can join after 4 years and still get all the content over time. Didnt know about the old weapons and their importance for actual teams. So please please prettyplease!

An additional weapon could be added in the shop. Like a Nostalga section where a previously released weapon could be for sale. So there would be two weapons available for sale every week instead of one. I understand about limited space in the forge, but this could be another option.


It’s very possible that some new weapons can fill other roles as they are released, among the recent ones Rope Dart (see below) is really good when fully upgraded, it’s no substitute to Trickster Shot or Earth’s Fury, but it allows some other nice compositions.


I crafted every weapon available in the Soulforge that I didn’t already have. Then again, I have resources to spare.

I am missing one weapon that I didn’t have enough glory for when it came out 3+ years ago. O Writhing Staff, wilst thou ever return?