When will Tricksters Shot be available?


Writhing Staff is the faction weapon for Sea of Sorrow…


I assume she means Withering Touch. I’m just missing that one and Eggsplosion. :persevere:


That’s me with Fire&Ice. Patiently waiting over 2 yrs for it to show up in the shop or SoulForge to no avail.


But it was available 6-7 months or so ago in the shop for 5 bux. Of course I missed out on it. Still, the penalty for missing out on it is harsh, means we won’t have the chance to get it again for another two years or so…


@Ashasekayi is correct, it was Withering Touch. My apologies for the error.


I can vouch for this as i bought mine around that time :blush:
If it hasn’t been available for more than 2 years my life needs some explaining since i only played this game for 19 months now!


Take my money …ill pay ill pay. Give us an option to buy the old weapons in game


They really need to do something about the weapon back catalogue - for new players its an impossible situation given the number of weapons that have been made available over time.
And on top of that how is it fair to expect them to even know when it’s worth spending the $5.
My suggestion is that they need to have some weapon packs based on hero level at say level 100, 500, 1000 that is known that contains a range of appropriately priced and useful weapons - like a 5 pack, a 10 pack, a 20 pack in each pack for say $10 or 20. The packs would be available until you hit the next level of packs - giving a reasonable time to make a purchase decision. So you know about the options for a while and can decide (get recommended) to buy them and then move on. Otherwise newer players just can not possibly ever catch up even if they want to spend each week because you would have to wait for the right week, then hope its the right weapon, then buy one weapon out of over 100. It seriously needs someone to take the time to work out a fair (/time/benefit) value for newer players. And for older players it’s more of a completion thing anyway since the really powerful weapons are the more recent ones.
@Saltypatra Be very interested to hear some game design thoughts on this issue


The packs are a good idea, but it should be more like the level packs that are available for a one time purchase. You reach that level and then they are available, but if you are past that level you still get the opportunity to buy them for completion purposes.