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Was ready to drop some cash today to up my VIP but

The weapon in the bundle is once again a weapon we can get through gameplay. In fact, it’s a weapon most of us with a few hundred levels already have.

I know that balancing a free-to-play game is really difficult and you guys are awesome, don’t get me wrong. But if you want us to pay, give us something that’s really worth it.

There are event weapons (Sun & Moon, Eternal Flame, Fire & Ice to name a few) that some of us have never had the chance to acquire. In addition, some of those weapons are really the only way to make classes like Priest a worthwhile participant in a synergistic team.

It feels like this game is REALLY tilted towards purple. The best weapons are purple, the best classes are purple. Other than Maw/Mercy, the best teams with real synergy are purple. Throw a bone to those of us who would rather try some different things. :slight_smile:


Here are a bunch any person can obtain: Archer with the first true damage weapon that costs 10 mana, Warlord/Assassin with Crude Club or the full AoE red weapon, Priest with Prismatic Orb, Mechanist or Warden with the exploding gem weapon (more explosions than Gorgotha for less mana), Necromancer or Sorcerer with any full AoE weapon, Knight with Prismatic Orb.


I prefer Priest and Knight. I’ve had Prismatic Orb for 200 levels. It works but not well, and certainly isn’t viable if you want to build around a different mechanic. Let’s face it, Orb is boring.

The good guys need some love.

Bump for @Sirrian and @Nimhain. Want to make sure they see this and the other similar thread that is now linked.