Suggestion: redistribute some mastery weapon unlocks

So I just recently reached +40 across all gem masteries and WOW I got a ton of neat weapons. For 200 odd levels I had exactly one dual-colored weapon, War and Peace. All of a sudden, in the space of a few level-ups, I’ve got a dozen or more. A lot of these weapons have nifty effects that are fun to play around with.

There’s been some talk about lower levels & new players not having access to special event weapons. The hero class weapons did a lot to fix this, but another thing that might work is… taking a few of these +40 weapons and redistributing them to earlier mastery unlocks.

Instead of getting 3-4 weapons with a single unlock, so many that I haven’t gotten around to even trying some of them, give those weapons out earlier when they’d be massively appreciated and get a lot of use.


They really need to make weapons more available. They’ve said they see the problem and are doing something, but last I heard it was supposed to happen on April or May. I figured 2.0 would do it but no such luck. Very frustrating.

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no they need more weapons :smiley:

Whenever people bring up the event weapons, someone else will bring up perfectly valid objections–this weapon has been offered for real money, might make people who bought it angry, etc.

This solution sidesteps that problem. These weapons are already mastery rewards. And getting so many at once is kind of a shame; I’m neglecting weapons I would have been over the moon to acquire 50 levels ago.

Some 30x masteries are too powerful for their own good, some 40x2 masteries are (imo) not worth the cost to unlock at that level and should be closer to 25x2 or 30x2 to unlock. Also another grey weapon (MTG reference) would be nice as we only have two of them.