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Multi tier arena

Thinking that having several arenas with scaled troop availability ie common/rare/ultra rare (low end) up to epic/legendary/mythic at high end with hero weapon also being restricted to said tier would make arena viable at all levels of play since the dawnbringer seems to be making things kinda difficult for new players in the arena.


I completely agree that something must be done about the arena, especially since the db was introduced. If memory serves, the devs did mention adding epics, possibly higher too, at some point. I think a rework is definitely planned on. Imho, rather than have separate tier arenas it may be easier to just eliminate legendary and mythic weapons. We can’t use those cards, we shouldn’t have the weapons. Yeah, i’m one of the jerks that uses runic blade, but mainly because 7 out of ten matches are against it, and 1 of the 3 remaining use db. Fighting fire with fire is the sensible choice, for me. I don’t have db and really don’t care to craft it at this time. I enjoy the arena, even well past lvl 1000, and would love to play around with different weapons without wanting to break my controller out of frustration. And i’d happily give up my runic blade (and crypt keeper) in exchange for losing db too.

I think it would be best to just make it a tiered system both in the troops drafted and weapons available, maybe make the higher tiers of arena involve questlines or forging to unlock with better prizes. I don’t think blocking weapons altogether is a good idea, it took a lot of work for me to craft this dawnbringer and I like it both in PvP as well as arena.

Also I think it would make sense that (at least in the higher tiers) you could only draft from the troops in your collection

I totally get that. Thinking about it more, it takes a lot of resources to craft it so i’d probably wanna play the crap out of it if i had it. It is only fair, so that would make make sense to have a mythic/legendary arena as well as a scaled back option. But as someone with only one base mythic and missing a few legendaries i think that it would be really cool to have them all accessible. Maybe just not traited if yours aren’t? I’d absolutely love to get a chance to play 8 rounds with some cards i don’t have, that in and of itself would get me to play in the arena a whole lot more than i do. The exceptions being db and xan, those are earned not luck, so if you’ve made em use em if not it’d be extra incentive to craft them.

You’re right, bare bones no traits all mythics would make the most sense

Have a like! I remember playing a game where you could ascend a tower, playing increasingly difficult PvE matches for rewards. I think a multi tier arena would be a blast to play. What if you had to start with three common troops and a common weapon, then after each battle you get to draft a higher rarity card. After the first three battles you get to draft a rare troop, then you have a mini boss fight after which you can select a rare weapon for your hero, then three battles where you get to draft an ultra rare replacement for one of your troops, another miniboss, and so on, until you face a full legendary end boss fight (because let’s face it, a full mythic team wouldn’t be all that hot with those mana costs) for some sweet reward!

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