Suggestion for future updates

Medals with new effects could be added to the game to create new types of strategy, for example medals that create a certain type of gem, That they would have some kind of positive effect on the troops themselves or a negative effect on the enemies. I also think that there is a lack of a medal that gives +8 attack since we have armor and health with this effect. Another thing I believe they could do is give some new use to the ingots, be it creating troops with them or weapons, I guarantee that a lot of people have an inventory full of them, but there are no more weapons to evolve, so they are left over and unused. And finally, you could review some classes, there are classes in the game that are not competitive at all, so they are not used. Diabolist for example is a very weak class, which could at least give 50% initial mana to demons, just like Mechanist does. Thank you very much in advance for your attention and have a good afternoon.Sorry if there are any errors in writing, I don’t speak English, so I’m using the Google translation tool


And in addition, we have types of troops that still don’t have the 50% initial mana effect. They are: Stryx, Centaur, Demon, Goblin, Gnome, Mystic, War Wolf, Monster, Naga, Raksha.Then in the Geomancer class, one of the 3 Traits gives 50% mana for Constructions while in the talent tree there is one where the hero leaves with 50% mana, which doesn’t make sense, since because of the Trait he already goes have that 50%. And finally, in relation to the types that do not have a troop that has 50% initial mana, in the Taurus type we have the class called which gives 50% and we also have the Rei Minos troop with the same effect


Veto on giving those a 50% mana start.

That would be bad.

Devine troops, however, could get their mana start restored to 50%


My guild is GW optional, but I still shudder at the thought of going against gobbies with 50% mana start… Those GW teams are bad enough already. :weary:


I confess that I didn’t stop to think about how unbalanced the goblins would be. And I never understood why divines have 40% initial mana, and not 50%. But I still argue that the bad classes would have to be revised. And other types of troops also have the chance to start with 50% mana

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Of course, that’s all true.

It seems divine troops have been very powerful at some point so they nerfed Ishbaala. But that was before my time, and I’m closing in on 4 years.


Divine Ishbaala had a 50% start for all Divines when she was released. But the dominant “meta” back then was a heavy Divine focus and the 50% was deemed to be too overpowering, so it was reduced.

Mind you, this was a very different era. There weren’t a lot of 50% Mana-for-an-entire-Class troops, there weren’t Medals at all, there weren’t Empowered Converters out the wazoo, and even Exploders weren’t in heavy usage.

Things have evolved since then, so it probably wouldn’t hurt as much to revert her to a 50% start. As for other Classes? I’m not a big fan of the idea that every Class needs an accelerated starter.


As it was, nerfing Ishbaala’s 3rd trait wasn’t the only attempt at undoing the Divine meta. Fallen Valdis came out around that time as well, and part of her spell was likely intended to work against that meta.


Interesting … is there a similar explanation behind Daemonomicon maybe?

Since we have a way to epic our troops with a. Nice gold trim my mythic hero is missing the same guilded effects.

It doesn’t even have to affect the stats but that would be a nice perk.

Something along the lines of:
Bronze - leveing your hero to 1500

Silver - obtaining at least 250 moves in the treasure game

Gold having at least 10 kingdoms to 30 or at least 20 kingdoms to level 18

Fot a permanent magic, def, attack, life, of +6

Having more banding troops traits where you get extra bonues above and beyond the normal traits we see when we use similar troops that pets can’t give.

Like if there was a new trpe of system that grants special effects if you use only a certain knight group for instance that would trigger a 3.14159% chance to explode the board mix up the enemy team and grant everyone some new effect like blackhole… If you hit a person with this special effect they get transformed into some common knight that can be easily beat based upon thier magic at the time of its death.

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I miss when Gems of War actually tried. I’d gladly take a whole bunch of nerfs to troops to just to see a sign of life in the current dev team.

In my opinion:

Divine Ishbaala:
Should get the mana start returned back to 50%.

Cleanse returning would be “fun” and “feel good”, but it’s really overpowered and should not return.


Should be buffed back to 22 mana.


Their best changes.

Back then, any sort of tap (Divine Protector/Infernus) would instantly guarantee a double kill. They could probably improve the boost ratio nowadays, but… eh. Probably better left alone.

There were still quite a few 50% mana troops, Mercy was still a thing, and Exploders were the meta most of the time in that time period. Ragnagord anyone?

It’s fun reading that topic back. A lot of people were heavily annoyed Divine Protector wasn’t changed, but I saw that weapon miss enough to not think it was that big of a deal in the long run, especially with DI’s mana start nerf. And now no one ever uses those type of weapons.

The Hero is already overpowered as compared to everybody else, has an amazing amount of flexibility with all the Weapon options available, and doesn’t require further augmentation. If this wasn’t true, you wouldn’t see a Hero with virtually every team in a serious game mode.

Banding was one of those things that was introduced for a specific campaign but never implemented to its’ fullest potential. It’s a missed opportunity, but it’s not going to change. It certainly shouldn’t receive the sort of spectacular buff you envision.

If anything, there ought to be more troops with some sort of Banding trait and all Banding-related traits should receive some sort of (mild) augmentation. Maybe something like “gain X to my stats each turn” instead of “gain X to my stats at the start of battle” for a Banding trait to symbolize the efficiency and familiarity those troops have with one another and how well they work together.

But give them these great new abilities where they can do all sorts of nasty stuff to the other team and wonderful stuff to your own team – all at the same time to boot – and all you’ll do is make that the new “required” meta until the developers invent something else to overpower that.

Have the search feature work in the classes menu. It doesn’t in the current state of the game.

I’d love to be able to search for a storm or 50% or lightning strike instead of having to resort to my brain all the time…

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I was just merely pointing out an effect that could happen and 3% is really a very low chance to perform.

Thinking out load i really don’t fear the trait voracious will devour me with its 5% chance but it’s there and it’s always on my mind when it did occur many years ago during a delve event.

But it would be nice to see some actual graphical magic explosion occur when you use particular troops in a certain way as intended that gets triggered as often as once every 31 battles…

I have a suggestion. Introduce something that costs money but when it becomes implemented it will be broken. :+1:

My last update to this tread

Make those who have vip 20 get free passes to all these new updates that require more and more money to obtain the best stuff. I.e. deeds and imperial deeds

Or bump up the vip level 20 to 30 because after all the trend now is that each updates somehow generate more cash every single time. Just look at 7.1 you’ll see the developers talk about cash almost immediately

But due to the nature of getting to vip 20 getting to vip 21 let alone vip 22 is almost breaking the bank so there would need some type of adjustment…

And the rewards for vip 20 and upwards should include things like a daily deed or a weekly imperial deed…