Should Medals Be Used in GW?

Since this came up in the Dev Q&A, I figured I’d start a thread on the topic.
In the Q&A, the devs stated that they are considering removing medals from GW, what does everyone think about this?

Should it be removed from offense? defense? both? Or, do you think it should stay as it is?

EDIT: FYI, Sirrian stated setting medals per team wasn’t going to happen.

Medals should 100% be kept offensively for GW. It makes team building much more diverse allowing things that weren’t possible prior to work.

Defends I feel like they should stay too, but the big issue with that is not being able to set them independently for teams like banners, class, and such.


Considering there’s very little strategy involved interacting with flat stat boost (most medals), free cleanse (cedric), or 20% starting mana (anu), it should just be removed.

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Don’t care, but I still think they shouldn’t be settable only on the map regardless. Even just considering what I use to attack with, I use a 50% mana based team, I don’t really need that 20% mana medal, and certain teams work much better with certain medal sets (irongut with attack, AoE with magic, etc). Going all the way back to the map to change this just because I’m changing teams is unpleasant.


Medals simply make RNG Wars more RNG Wars like.
If the devs are going to insist on introducing empowered troops on a monthly basis. We need to have the option of status effects to counter the craziness.
Medals should be removed.

They are adding more than just those current 6 medals. They hinted at it multiple times. There is a chance we will eventually have double digit number of different medals per rarity, but definitely more than there is now.

yeah, and with more medals comes more problems. The last thing most upper bracket GW players want is MORE RNG issues.

I am quite happy to have x3 Cedric’s medals to cleanse my troops better than taking a dedicated cleaner.
Because since the Hero class update, GW is full of “put Entangle/Freeze at the start of the battle”.
So that’s a nice counter.

And I don’t get where you see more RNG with medals?


Only medal that is currently RNG is the Cedric cleanse medal. And while it is technically RNG, it effectively reduces the RNG of the already implemented natural cleanse per turn. Every aspect of current medals lowers RNG.

HP/Armor = Consistently staying alive longer
Attack = Consistently doing more skull damage
Cleanse = Reduces RNG of natural cleanse on teams without a cleanser
Magic = Consistently having better cast effectiveness

Not to mention, you can see ALL enemy medal effects at prior to start of battle.

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Future designed medals of which Tacet is implying. We dont have actual control over what they make. Could just be more flat adds, which still doesnt add to the strategy of guild wars.

I think the best solution would have been setting medals per team defense. That would be the only way to use them strategically. However, Sirrian made it pretty clear that he was opposed to doing that. So, in that case, I think they should be removed from defense.

I think they should stay on offense though.

I think medals are more powerful in Offense than Defense as in Offense you can change them before the battle…

Imagine a medal that has a 30% banishment to stop L&D. Or Drain mana as proposed by other players to stop Empowered Meta build.

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Medals are definitely in offensive advantage as you mentioned, even when both have access to them. I had a battle against 3x cedric cleanse on the enemy today, so I simply switched my team away from using status effects then gave them +24HP to use a non-tank in first slot for a quicker kill.

I state > Considering there’s very little strategy involved interacting with flat stat boost (most medals), free cleanse (cedric), or 20% starting mana (anu), it should just be removed.

You state > More medals have been hinted to be added

I reply > More medals come more (rng) problems

and somehow that wraps around to you replying > Cedric is RNG.


There’s no strategy with people having more stats.

Skull teams would have won without extra attack bonuses. Extra HP/Armor is stuff we already had when 20% kingdom weeks occur. They don’t amount to much. Most of the best teams don’t even NEED Magic to win.

But even if we pretend those stats actually matter, the player can’t build/counterbuild to “extra stats.” There’s no anti-medals to turn off enemy medal stat gains.

Cedric is a whole other matter of silly with minimal direct interaction and more coin flip prayers. How do I counterbuild Cedric medals? only stuns. or just not rely on status effects. yay?..


Since they have no plans on changing it to a team by team basis, if you’re running it on offense, chances are its being seen on defense. So… yeah, good luck having the AI have 30% banishment chance per turn, or drain mana.

Its just more rng bs that doesn’t need to be in Guild Wars.

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Stun disables any reoccurring medal. This is only applicable to cedric cleanse currently, so it is true stats can’t directly be hard countered, but there is a measure in place to counter future ones like +1 attack per turn as a possible example being fully disabled by stun.

There is a lot of strategy in having extra stats.

  • Can use riskier 1st slot troops by giving them enough durability to outlast a hit, either 8, 16, or 24 depending on enemy damage output numbers relative to ally total durability.
  • If using a non-doom skull related skull spam team, can give 4, 8, or 12 extra attack assuming base value +1 per extra turn hit and subtracting each from enemy durability to figure out the number of attack buffs needed.
  • Magic works same as attack, but calculating it out based on casts.

In this case, you just change your offense team…

The main issue in GW is not RNG. It’s teams that can win in one turn (Yao, Rope, etc.).

One turn… via RNG. You have no control over that starting board.

Cedrics have effectively made it harder to freeze Yao/Rope Dart teams with very minimal interactions to stop it.

The L&D/Orbweaver teams aren’t even a one turn win team, it just makes you suffer.


To put it bluntly, most of the game is outside brackets 1-10. And when you’re not having everything maxed, the medal stat bonuses can make or break a fight.

So no, the medals should not be removed from gw because they affect and cater to a far larger player base than the minority from the top brackets.

Can’t really implement a change based on top bracket’s reality to the whole game.

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You do realize medals apply to everyone, right? so even lower brackets get to deal with RNG bs? They’re not free to avoid Rope Dart shenanigans?

So if they add new medals, you’ll get to deal with RNG bs medals too.

Medals aren’t a one sided affair. The enemy AI will have “stats” too since they may think status effects aren’t that much to bother with in Guild Wars that far down. The same mentality you may have.

Or do you prefer having “stat medals” while playing half-active guilds that don’t have time to farm medals and therefore are no longer on equal footing with you? I have nothing to say if that’s what you desire in guild wars is to have an unfair advantage.

I prefer to play in games with equal footing, hence upper brackets.

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