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Option to change Medals at Battle Preview screen

This has been mentioned in a couple of threads, and although it’s probably been seen, I haven’t seen any firm indication that it’s been read by a dev.

Could we please get some kind of indication that this is known to have been requested? I’d hate for it to slip through the cracks – it’s #1 on my GoW Christmas wishlist (in terms of small QoL changes).

Essentially, I fully support the idea of being able to change one’s Medal loadout at the Battle Preview screen, rather than having to navigate back to the map.

I frequently run sub-optimal Medal setups in just about every mode because I can’t be bothered navigating in and out if I forget or switch teams, and it grates at me.

I’d perhaps even prefer just a simple little ‘Medal’ icon that opened up the existing interface/overlay, making it not too cluttered – possible locations depicted below (to the right of the team score banner could also work):


I’d also really love a few presets, akin to team slots but for Medals, that allow me to quickly change between frequently used loadouts. This would save having to click an extra ~5 times (first on each medal slot, and then on the medal I want equipped). These aren’t thoughtful, considered clicks, either – I know exactly which Medals I want, I just feel encumbered by the interface.

Working with the existing UI, perhaps something like this:

Feel free to be creative, though.


While we’re at it, can we also get a little reminder/popup when starting a battle without having a selected a class?

I’d prefer to keep this on the topic of Medal user interface :stuck_out_tongue:.

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These are all great ideas, and I hope they get implemented soon. I’ve never understood why medals have to be on the map screen at all; it’s kind of weird to be constantly reminded that they exist.

On a related note, does a new account start with empty medal slots at the top of the screen? It could take quite a while for a new player to get their first badge. It would make sense to hide the empty slots until at least one badge is owned.

This would create a problem with seeing owned tokens, because medals aren’t in the inventory screen for some reason.

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This issue is especially frustrating because it seems like there is another fundamental misunderstanding here. When this was talked about on stream, the discussion was immediately steered to whether or not it should be tied to teams tying it to teams for Guild Wars/defense team concerns, and then into whether or not medals should just be disabled in guild wars entirely. They were vague about why they didn’t want to tie medals to teams but seemed pretty adamant they didn’t want to and it was implied that the reason would be apparent some versions later. However, I have yet to hear a single good reason why the main way to access medals is on the map screen, and why you can’t or shouldn’t be allowed to do it during battle prep (since you can, it is just unpleasant to do so).

And while the whole “what about guild wars/defense teams” is also an issue that arose by not tying medals to a specific team (or class), the fundamental issue remains:

  • There are a large number of situations where tweaking your equipped medals is beneficial based on the team you are currently building, the team you are selecting to run, or information you gain about your opponent on the battle prep screen
  • The only way to tweak your medals is to exit the edit teams/troops menu, back out of whatever screen launched into the battle prep (eg., into PvP, into explore interface, etc), and back out a third time (or more, depending on where you were) to get back to the map just to be able to access medals, after which you have to go back into whatever you were doing before

Once again, decision flow in the game, at least for me, goes:

  • Pick the piece of content I want to do
  • Enter the battle prep screen
  • If this is for a new event, I have to build a new team, so I click into that. I look at my troops, put together a team. THEN I go back and tweak my medals, if necessary
  • If this is for an ongoing event or other situation (PvP, explore), I select an existing team. If this team runs much more efficiently with a specific medal set THEN I have to go back to the map and tweak my medals.
  • Occasionally, I look at my opponents team, want to pick a counter team, have on sub-optimal medals and 99.99% of the time decide going all the way back out to the map to tweak my medals isn’t worth it

The places I actually want to change my medals is either when constructing/selecting a team or right before entering battle. I don’t know why anybody would be thinking about the team they are going to use or face before they even decide which mode they are going to play, it seems totally backward and foreign to me. It would make sense to have medals only on the map they were “set and forget”, but they aren’t - different medals work in different situations even with the six medals we currently have consisting of mostly stats (which will apparently get expanded on at some point, and if they are any good, open up a whole host of possible combinations), and they are very intentionally freely changeable to encourage making small changes to react to changing situations and should remain that way. They just need to be changeable on a menu closer to where I currently am when I want to change them.

If can’t/won’t be associated with teams, having quick sets for medals would be a nice touch as well. Because yes, I know what medals I wanted when I finished building my team 2-5 menus back and came here just to set them.


I can’t think of any reason why the global medals have to be on the kingdom screen other than to give them the “global” impression.

The worst thing about creating a new team for an event is after creating my team I go back to the kingdom screen to change the medals my team disappears and I have to create it all over again. (The team doesn’t save until you do a battle)


I find the medal section difficult to access. Either I’m on my avatar or the event/mail section.

More time on global screen is less time earning gold = working as intended. :+1::poop:

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It might be linked to the auto-upgrade that tokens/medals get. The medals would count as being in use by many teams and not get upgraded.
I find the auto-upgrade rather strange to begin with.

I want to assign medals on a per team basis, something mean old @Sirrian is against :-1:

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Some additional notes:

  • Instead of Medal ‘presets’, so to speak, as shown in my initial post, I’d be okay with another button/input that lets me quickly equip 3 of one type of Medal all at once.

  • I’d really like to be able to see all 6 of the different Medals on one screen (and then Badges on another, say).

    • I don’t want to scroll/slide/swipe to find the Medal I want.
  • I don’t realistically care if the 6 are displayed horizontally in a line, or in two rows of 3.

  • I’d actually like the Medals to be displayed in the opposite order to what is currently the case, so lower rarity first instead of higher rarity.

    • This shouldn’t really matter as much, though, if I can see all 6 at once.

I’d still also really love some kind of acknowledgement that this has been requested, regardless of whether or not it eventually gets implemented :slightly_smiling_face:.


This is too intelligent a request. The trade off will be another 40% nerf to gold payouts so that there is “value.”

Somehow in their neanderthal reasoning they will justify it.


@Kafka @Saltypatra Was this considered at all for 4.8?

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It’s absolutely infuriating setting up my team for an event or delve, realising that my medals are wrong, having to back out all the way to the map screen to change them, and then going back in and my team has been lost and I have to start over.

The UI for medals makes absolutely no sense. We should be able to change them either on the battle preview screen or the teams/troops screen. Why is something that only affects battles only able to be changed from a screen that has nothing to do with battles? It’s an incredibly jarring design.


Classes were once global in a similar way that medals are now. Guild wars being the biggest problem as people will wait until later in the week for you to change your medals the same way it happened with classes before.

Why do we have to go through the same long drawn out process of them finally being set to a team?


Wars was always going to be compromised when global attributes affect team potency. It happened with classes and it’s happening with medals and epic task completion stat boosting. Guilds are dragging their heels more and more and those who finish high in the top brackets are often closer to relegation than triumph when the weekend lands and they are forced into action. In itself it is another way of stacking the game favourably (although I wouldn’t go as far as to call it exploitative) by manipulating it’s design. Personally I would even the playing field by penalising last minute.com guilds. Please don’t insult us with the preposterous “we are at work all week…” argument. We get troop boosts for playing on colour and there should be deficits for not playing within a reasonable time. Some guilds kick players for not doing wars daily and the current strategy that top guilds use impacts that. Over to you devs…let’s make this fairer than it currently is.

There is one. You lose the day and don’t get to enjoy the 24hs XP boost.

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That’s hardly significant and has minimal impact as you well know. Attempting to pull the wool over our eyes is a wasted exercise. Your guild never figures until the weekend so please don’t make me laugh by explaining the negative aspects of not CURRENTLY playing wars on a daily basis. The penalties I have in mind are more significant. For example if day 1 is yellow Day and you get 50pc boost, that boost should diminish if games are left unplayed because of a loophole in strategy employed by big guilds. 10pc reduction per day might inspire urgency. Or of course, if you don’t play on the day, you get your 2k defence score and ZERO battle points with no option to come back tomorrow when you’re medals help your attacks as opposed to your defences.

How is delaying battle an unfair “advantage” when it’s an option available to everyone?

Strategy involves more than team-building and gem-matching. Play smart—all people who want to win should.

EDIT: also I agree medals should be changeable on a per-team basis. I don’t even know how/why the thread was derailed—sorry I didn’t realize sooner what we were all supposed to be talking about here.

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At no time have I used the term “unfair advantage” in this thread as you seem to be suggesting. As far as everyone having the same options, we of course know that is simply not the case. Assigning medals to strengthen defences independently of the medals used in attack makes total sense. But in the top brackets, epic task completion can be significant especially when facing talented strategists who are thwarted on occasion purely down to not playing as much as their opposition and losing out on ET boosts for example. But you are right that’s a different subject matter. But SOME guilds kick non daily wars players so delaying isn’t going to happen whether you agree with that concept or not.

I’d be in favour of an option to set medals for each day of defence in GW. I.e., for Day 1:

  • Set medals (for the Day, not the team)

  • Choose defence team

This should work as a nice compromise between Sirrian’s preference not to set medals on a per-team basis, and need* for specific Medal setups for different GW defence teams.

(*As outlined in some of the posts above, not having defence-specific Medals inhibits the player’s strategic defence-setting capabilities, and leads to awkward or potentially even unfair Attack behaviors/interactions – as players should be able to change Medals to suit whichever game activity they’re currently undertaking without having to worry about how it might affect their GW opponents for the entire week.)

I’d prefer that be made as a separate Feature Request, though (if necessary). I’d be happy to mock-up an image.

Thanks for bringing it back on-topic @Magnusimus @Thevc.