Should Medals Be Used in GW?

There is no unfair advantage, exactly because medals apply to both sides. You don’t get sonething that your opponent doesn’t/can’t get, and the other way around.
Removing them from defense and keeping them on offense would absolutely ammount to an unfair advantage tho.

Rope darts and l&d shenaningans are actually a lot less common in lower brackets, so that’s not a valid argument.

It’s true that the stats from medals apply to everyone. Thus, it’s fair.
Applying 12 attack or armor or magic to a team that’s not fully leveled, traited and mythic can have a signifiant impact. And can turn a lost match in a won match (and the other way around if unlucky).
You also have a choice to buff your attack with 3 attack medals or if to go defensive with 3 armor/life medals.
The 20% mana start medal can make up for lacking troops/classes with mana start traits (not that improbable when you don’t own everything or don’t have everything traited yet).

There is no les or more rng bs in cedric medals than to the natural cleanse rate. Still, I can’t remember anyone asking for cleanse rate to be disabled in gw per rng reasons🤷

There is no less or more impact from medal stats than from kingdom stat bonuses. Still, I can’t remember anyone asking for kingdom stat bonuses to be disabled in gw per fairness reasons🤷

Why to start asking for removals suddenly now, when those 2 other unfairness rng bs-thingies have been around like forever🤔?


Because every troop that does status effects were designed based on that natural cleanse rate.

Kingdom stats are not RNG.
Attack, life, armor and Mana medals aren’t the issue. But you can’t keep them without keeping Cedric Medals.
Attaining Medals… Even Cedric… are way more Difficult to attain than troops that cleanse. So no… It has nothing to do with the low levels.

Anything RNG based will always favor the AI. “the house always wins”…Cedric Medals make sure the house wins even more.

My apologies to those who will have to include cleansers or immune troops in your builds again and therefore make the only strategy event more difficult for you. You’ll thank those Medal haters when RNG decides not to favor you.

I disagree on the troop vs medal part.
With the actual drop rate, one can get 3 medals in like 1-2 weeks, even at lower levels.

Getting troops that cleanse is a pure key lottery, and, if adding the time needed to trait/level/ascend them, the medals are far more accesible to lower level players than the troops with similar effects.

True that troops that inflict status effects were built with the natural cleanse in mind.
But with the advent of empowered lineups, the 10% turn cleanse chance was left behind in the dust.
That chance was working fine when the only empowered stuff around used to be yao and mercy. Nowadays, you’re getting killed in less thsn half the time the natural cleanse kicks in.
So while the troops might be built with 10% incrementsl chance to clean, the present gameplay is for sure not built around that anymore.

You do realize that a new player is only getting 6 ish mythstones per explore run and only 1 token for beating the boss right?
Where as most cleansers are between rare and epic rarity.

How do you not see that Cedric Medals make empowered defense troops even worse?

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It doesn’t. Many empowered defenses use status effects themselves to disable your turn 1 advantage.
Facing an empowered defense or a loop defense with snap freeze can be pretty annoying. Cedric gives a chance to counter that, while the natural cleanse always kicks in in turn 2, so never ever will counter talents.

I’d absolutely take a chance to counter turn 0 shenaningans while on offense.

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Medals shouldn’t be used in GW. LOL

I like Medals, they add some diversity.
And they did not feel difficult to deal with in GW.


Medals should stay in Guild Wars. I feel this the point of upgrading medals to use in a guild wars context. Removing them from GW would lessen the importance of obtaining them in the first place.


Tough call. I was originally anti-medals in GW, but I think that mentality puts the pre-medal status effect game on too much of a pedestal. Stuff like silence, curse, web, and death mark are completely mindless, and take playing the board out of the equation.They allow bad players to punch above their weight on both defense and offense. As such, I’m coming around to the opinion that limiting the duration of these effects more strictly reduces randomness, and puts more emphasis on playing the board.

Contrary to what some have said, there is counterplay for the Cedric medal: stun troops. You can argue the merits of a game where you need to incorporate stun troops vs a game where you need dedicated cleansers, but to say there’s no counter to the Cedric medals is not accurate.

(As a aside, stat medals in theory are good because they dilute the overall stat pool, and can reduce the impact of kingdom/renown differences between newer players and more experienced ones. Not sure if this will actually be the case though, because it’s so hard to get higher-rarity tokens and newer players have to spend their time doing so many other tasks.)

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Medals shouldn’t be removed from Guild Wars. Without applying them to Guild Wars they make almost no sense otherwise.


I also think Medals should stick around in Guild Wars.
Personally I dont trust nerfed Medal of Cedric on offense, it’s unreliable for a battle that you only have one shot at.I play old-school and cleanse manually just to make sure I CAN do it when I need to.
Although the rest of them definitely has a lot of utility.
Stat boosting can be used to compensate for the difference between ranks
(A mere ‘Soldier’ fighting a ‘Champion’ or ‘Paragon’) and with more of them added in the future new possibilities will emerge indeed.

On defence, it is the AI that pilots the team.
We all know how it works, don’t we?
It will either have unstoppable alignments/cascades from hell and avalanche from there, or it will do nothing granted its ‘bright decisionmaking’. With or without Medals.

I support @Mika 's statement.
In other events, potions make them obsolete.
Pure faction runs are mostly about potions, massive hoard levels or being immensly lucky every single move.
And they don’t matter in PvP either.
Who cares if you explode a whole board or a whole board +12 these days :sweat_smile:
They do help a bit, but from my experience they are just overkill for the most part.

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Defo should be used, it make get 30-0 lot easier (farewel the permaentangled/frozen troops from start of the match) and am pretty sure everyone like that.

In fact some better medals (like, “kill a random enemy on 4/5 match”) would be welcome to make GW a 3 minutes a day thing :3

Stat medals are, in essence, just a different kind of GW sentinels, thus I don’t see a problem here.
Cedric medal…in its current state it might as well stay for now - not absurdly broken anymore, some people may put their eggs in that basket, good for them, I guess (I still had a dedicated cleanse option in my teams if I thought I would really need one.)
But it has a potential to open a (hypothetical) can of worms depending on what future medals bring.

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I guess I feel like you can’t really make GW more broken than it is, so I’m not really sure it matters. For GW to be the strategic cat-and-mouse people pretend it is, a lot of factors need to be pared down. A lot of the things that make GoW fun in other modes aren’t really compatible with the concepts GW was built around. Instead of games that last 4-5 turns, we’d need a way to make the average match last 10-15 or more, and cut down on free turns so every move is met with a consequence.

I don’t think a dozen stats here and there or some extra chances to cleanse are really going to tip the scale.

Maybe keep the attack and magic medals at +4 but make the armor and life ones +200 or something

Now you better strategy, you punk

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This kinda reminds me of the the class change by gems that used to prevail. I think medals should not apply to wars! We build teams based on their capabilities and RNG 3x cedric aims to destroy that. Similarly, we now reluctantly sacrifice cleansing troops in the hope that cedric bong heals the deal. We also have high level medals that boost start mana, and that’s ludicrous if any aspect of skill is to be maintained. It stacks so empowerment plus mana medals make it a joke. What, if anything were you actually thinking?

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Anu medals do not stack with each other and they don’t stack with any other starting mana troop or class abilities. Highest starting mana will replace all lower ones on each troop.


I would love to see if anyone’s opinion change when a Soldiers defense can have a higher magic than your Paragon. All be it it will take time… But it also takes time to implement a change in the game. So best way to avoid the disaster is to take a different route rather than see if the ship is strong enough to make it through “icy waters”.

Despite the wave of empowered troops. Guild wars is still defined by skill for the most part. Eventually, it’ll be defined by who has the time to farm for medals and who doesn’t. Or possibly mind you, who’s willing to pay for medals and who isn’t.
And if that’s the route you want for guild wars then yes, continue wanting medals in GoW. But if it sounds franked up… Then take a step back and think about long term ramifications rather than short term influences.


It does not matter what you do. I will always be victorious!!!