Should Medals Be Used in GW?

GW should not use any kind of modifier to be really fair and equal. Something like arena, so everyone plays with the same stats for each troop

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See, that makes me wonder just how “fair and equal” GW intends to be.

For a long time, it was the only event. So that it chose to allow kingdom/guild bonuses doesn’t seem to be by accident. But that means a guild made up of new players has a distinct disadvantage compared to a guild with midgame players, assuming troop selection is similar. But then there’s “troop selection”. Two players with the same number of hours can still have dramatically different power levels based on gacha luck.

So it’s really hard to argue GW is striving for “fairness” because almost every aspect of a player’s progress is directly beneficial. From that point of view, medals should be allowed, but I have a theory why this is generally disliked:

We’re still in a window where even the top players have a bit of variance in what medals they own. So the top guilds are worried they might not have a medal parity situation and could lose some standings due to luck. Give it a few months, and it’s way more likely all of the top guilds have medal parity. That’s when the story will shift from “only losers who need luck to win want medals in GW” to “only losers who are bad at the game think medals are too powerful to include in GW”, because at that point “having this medal setup” will be part of “being a top guild” and inclusion of medals will help protect their standings.