So no status affects in guild wars next week?

Kind of throws any skill out the window when it’s a race to get mana to start your loop before the ai does.
Up against a skullbash team then use entangle, oh wait it will cleanse on turn 1.
Up against a loop team just use frostmage, oh wait it will cleanse on turn 1.
Awesome I just got sunspear to 100 and want to run a 3x burn offense on red day with infernus, oh wait the burn cleanses and I cant do 3x damage.
Is this for real? People complaining about rope dart and life and death. Have fun with this. This will benefit all the people who never paid any attention to begin with. Just jump right into battles because it wont matter anymore.


Do medals actually work on defender/ai side? :thinking::thinking:

I’d suggest fully testing it in ranked pvp before drawing conclusions…

yes of course…evrywhere except arena

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But… How, exactly, would it work in the defenders/IA side? Badges and medals are set in the main menu and go along with the player in all of their teams across all modes except arena ok. But you can not set it up for any team specifically, so, how? How would I be able to run the cleanse badges on blue day for defense, the magic on say purple defense, and the attack on red defense?

They’re not team specific, @Tuaya, so whatever you have equipped at the time the other person starts the fight is what is going to show up for him/her. It’ll probably be a lot like how classes used to function, before they were tied to individual teams.

So during Guild Wars be sure to always have your Cedric medals equipped, and your defenses should be nearly immune to status effects.

But I’m pretty sure this is how it’s currently intended. Salty said medals would apply to players’ defenses somewhere—I can try to track down the post if you want?

EDIT: Found it in the Patch Notes thread: 4.6 Update Patch Notes

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Yes that’s it. Current medals = defense medals

All the other medals are a joke in comparison. I think 1, 40% is probably too much. I just dont understand the mindset of whoever makes this stuff. Immune to stun = immune to all status affects. If you ever want a status affect to stick you now need to carry a stunner with you. This is all crap. Titan was the best overall class and just took an even further lead. But hey, tod just got easier, but wasnt it easy enough to begin with?