4.6 Update Patch Notes

Please edit your post @sirrian to explain the difficulty glitch.

Before fighting Explore battles, go to “Casual PvP” and set difficulty to"Normal". It should have been explained better. I fought 3 plus hours at Warlord III. Thankfully I finally read some of the later responses after a guildmate suggested I do so. Ridiculous.

Thanks to all who pointed this out. There ought to be a seperate topic for that ‘work around’ / working as intended. If there is, I apologize for not seeing it earlier. 2 mini boss and 3 boss fails later…


So the team builder repeats troop roles?
Striker, Assassin, Generator, Assassin
(I’m so happy I worked hard to get Zuul’Goth so that the Explore defense can one shot it. :+1:)

And definitely favors empowered troops. Shentang explore made me forget I was doing Explore and not ranked PvP. Not in a good way either.

Thanks for confirming, this was a big concern. Can you see what badges/medals your opponent has equipped? (update hasn’t dropped on Switch yet, not that I mind!)

Kinda crazy how what was advertised as an explore rework is going to completely rebalance the competitive game. Cedric badges/medals are going to be huge - wanted to counter that Rope Dart/Gobtruffle team with freeze? Too bad. Cursed that Life & Death so they can’t bless themselves on cast? Sorry for you.

(EDIT: Also meant to note that the elite level system is a wholesale rebalance of troops, based on their roles. As a basic example, Infernus is getting a significant damage boost on account of being a mage, while the similar Aquaticus is getting less of a damage boost because her role is “striker.” Spell damages are going to be all over the place now. A few stat points here and there may or may not influence teambuilding decisions, but for now it’s an interesting TBD.)

I also wonder if it was factored-in how much the lethal damage change is also a nerf to reflect. I imagine it was put in to prevent Dullahan shenanigans (barriered hero in the first slot would never die if Dulllahan misfired). But in the process they are removing a strategic counter, and making the instakill options a bit more mindless (always a bad thing).

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yes the badge “traits” show up as normal traits as you might see in a delve. listed to the left in the scroll bar for your hero below class traits and in the same place for troops



To your GW point, I’m thinking it would only be fair if badges/medals don’t apply to defenses, then they shouldn’t apply to offenses either. The attack side already has advantages built in, and giving them the one-sided benefit of medals would be ridiculous to try and play around.

Either way, the game is going to be distorted by the medal system (new troops are either going to account for the system, or they won’t, with the decision impacting medal and non-medal content differently), so the devs will have to proceed carefully with whatever they decide.

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Badges and medals apply to defenses, including those set in Guild Wars. We don’t have any plans to let you attach specific sets of badges and medals to team slots.


Can it please be discussed by the team then please.

There was a time when classes had no plans to be per team as well.


This is very disappointing news. Not looking forward to keeping track of the opponent guild’s progress and switching medals around mutiple times per day all GW week like we used to do for classes.


Another suggestion:

With team sharing, add in ability to share medals as well

If badges and medals did not count in wars then most would not even bother with them lol. Of course they are going to count as they should.

Please please please Devs can we lose the “Congratulations! You have unlocked the mini boss!” messages? Seriously these should be like tutorial msgs as in only appear the first time. Same with the Mythic boss battles.


hi guys :bear:
first off :open_mouth: i LOVE the update finnaly some grind time for free stats making the game itself interesting again :heart_eyes: explore is a mode to be worthy to earn Gold from now O.o made like 2 mio yesterday uff
BUT i adknowledged that aswell in explore , you cant retreat in the enemys turn anymore … said explore wouldnt bother anyone i guess …. but when you put that in pvp and you know you could safe the enemys turn and skip over all the animations # truffel loop for infinity till your dead i consider that a huge BUG could you pls fix that ASAP :sob: new medals are brilant imo HUGE grind for defense Teams = GW but on the side of the coin you will have enough medals or Badges to feed to troops then :wink:
SO OVERALL for me a really HAPPY update :slight_smile:

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QOL Suggestion:

Change the difficulty selection button location, currently its higher than start battle, and muscle memory makes me click off of it constantly lol.

Also Id like to add my voice to removing the mini boss pop up. Its annoying and pointless. Especially since its obvious you unlocked it since you cant click on Explore anymore and can only click on Mini Boss.


Whilst this might not be the place, it’s an official thread, so…

For any upcoming patch, can we please have more blooming team slots. Soon 34 classes, 29 next week I think and no change in slots. I get we can paste codes in and out of the game, but if we could perhaps have some extra slots it would be a huge QOL help.

A global buff of +6 team slots to all would really be of help. With all the new stuff and high echelon battles being integrated globally, one team isn’t always so good in several other kingdoms.

And, can we please also look at the GW troops. I’m looking at something like 140 weeks to get them from Epic to Mythic and I’ve been playing in top 14 brackets and more recently 2-7 for I dunno, maybe 3 years.

As GW is 1:4 in comparison (4 weekly) an adjustment to the troops for 4 x the volume would be something uncontroversial. They are massive roadblocks in kingdom progression for a huge majority of players. I don’t take blue orbs into account, that’s 12 minors and without ZG, not a fix.



@Saltypatra or anyone who knows that. I just read the guides about medals, badges and tokens. Every description of the effects says “for all troops”. Except for Medal of Anu. Does that mean the effect “starting mana” only affects the hero?

And thanks for the great update. As a long-time player, I almost lost interest in the game because there weren’t any real exciting challenges left for me. This has now changed with the update and I’ve fallen in love with the game again. :heart_eyes: :heart: :heart:

I assume they mean. The medal won’t affect those troops who already start with mana. Since it doesn’t stack.

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Troop Menu Filter?
Elite Level Bronze Silver Gold

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I guess it’s up to me to bring up the elephant in the room…
Badges and medals go on your chest generally
With 700+ troops to choose from…the devs put a sack and anus
Pervs!!! :wink:

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Not only this, the Tokens could simply be included in the post-battle Rewards screen, in the same way the ‘Mini-Boss Battle Unlocked’ and Gnome rewards, etc. show up, without needing the chest panel and animation. I’m probably okay with Evolving.

In much the same way, the ‘Mini-Boss Unlocked’ reward card should be enough of a notification without needing the pop-up, as mentioned previously.


It’s all just ways of slowing down the grind :confused: