Medals and hero talents

First of all I’d like to apologize if this suggestion has been made before and I made a new topic instead of commenting on that.

I think that will be a great improvement to add medals setup and hero talents choices to team setup. Different team require different medals and isn’t that nice to change it all the time. Same goes for hero class talents…in some teams I want my Titan to have Fortitude at level 100 in others I need Lord of Storms and so on.



I very much agree! And while I think it’s been said they don’t plan to tie Medal setups to individual teams, I think they could at least put an option to change them on the battle preview screen.

The issue with this good idea is wars. Previously we were stuck with classes for a given day and this improvement is complicated. Top guilds now delay playing their wars attacks because they want eg plus 12 magic boost for their defs for the majority of the week. Personally I would penalise guilds who don’t participate in daily wars combat to alleviate this issue. They want every exploit the game allows to boost their score. Unsporting for sure.