Medals and Guild Wars

Hello team, this question has popped up a few times and was asked on stream today.

Players are curious as to how medals work in conjunction with Guild Wars. I’m here to let you know that the game won’t take a snapshot of your equipped medals at daily reset and apply them to your battles for the day, including your Guild Wars battles. Your medals will be checked upon your opponent fighting you, and whatever you have equipped at that time will be what is used for the battle.

I hope this clears things up.


Thank you for getting back to us!

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@Saltypatra could it be possible to remove medals effect from GW ? It will break this game mode, we don’t need them.
And please increase token number rewards at lvl12 in explore and give us 2xp hero class since it is harder than challenges or pvp.

I just confirmed with the team that we don’t forsee the removal of Medals from Guild Wars.

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Medals in GW are fine now that the cedric medal has been nerfed to being almost useless.

We really dont need them. GW needs skill and knowledge and doesnt need a farming reward. It is a pain for non-endgamers.
Maybe devs were thinking it was a minor change but it is not !


Thanks for the answer, Salty.

I feel it does make for an odd situation, though. Whenever we’re fighting our battles, we’re likely to want to change the Medals to optimise our offence on a team that we don’t select until we can see our opponent. So if someone coincidentally attacks our defence at this time, they’ll unexpectedly (and undeservedly?) get an easier battle. It gets even worse for Guilds that don’t insist all battles get done on the day. I might want a particular Medal combination on my Blue Day defence team, but a different one on other days. Yet someone could be fighting my Blue day defence three days later.

In the end, I think I pretty much agree with B00gy: equipped Medals just don’t add anything interesting to Guild Wars. It’s analogous to introducing Potions into Guild Wars – might makes sense in a PvE event, but not in PvP Guild Wars.

I imagine the only way to truly judge the veracity of this suggestion would be to actually test a Guild Wars scenario with and without Medals with a group of players who are both knowledgable and trained in giving feedback. I expect a lot of things would come up that were impossible to anticipate by a designer.


Medals in Guild Wars is a big NO-NO. LOL

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Yup, clears up everything now. Thanks :wink:

Thank you. Balancing the entire game around an event we do for six days every month, would be ridiculous.