Cedric medal… are you crazy?

Sorry for rude word, but that guy who has designed the Cedric medal - is he playing this game?
40% is a damn big value itself. But you also allowed to choose 3 such medals. So, we have 3 attempts with 40% to cleanse some unit.
What it leads to?
• Many cards who cleanse a team became useless. Why to spend mana to charge them if we have free cleanse?
• Many cards who cause status effects became useless. What sense to do it if debuff will last 0-1 enemy turns only?
• Many hero/weapon traits/talents like starting or situational freeze/entange/mark/selfcleanse became useless. What a sense of these traits/talents if they occur only by events while free cleanse works every turn?
So, you just cut a huge part of the game. Was it intended?


Exactly, I have no idea what were they thinking when they made this medal. It’s overpowered and ideally I’d like it the most if they would just remove it entirely, but if not at the very least they should reduce the chance to trigger and make it un-stackable.

It makes some teams that focus on status effects unviable therefore reducing the variety of teams we can use (which is opposite of what they should be doing), it makes some teams that are countered by some status effects like silence, freze, stun, etc. stronger. Like you mentioned it also renders some troops less desirable to have in team.

And this is not like one of those things that are really good (overpowered in this case) that they can just leave alone because this is not something like a really good troop that can block mana for your team or reduce synergy in the team in some way so you only use it in some teams. This is something that’s overpowered and can be used in ANY team you want completely passively. It’s absolutely ridiculous and needs a change.


I agree, this seems like a really bad thing to have. At the very least it needs to be nerfed - either make it unique or cut its numbers dramatically.


I’m reserving judgment until we see how it all plays out, but yeah. Cedric medals basically change the game from where you could expect statuses to reliably stick for 2-3 turns, to a situation where you are lucky if the status sticks for a single turn.

I think they’ve already started accounting for the change, by introducing troops like The Gray King and Stringfiddler, who apply statuses much more aggressively than in the past.

Whether it’s a good or bad thing for me turns on how it affects the (already excessive) randomness in the game. Yes we lose some strategic options, but weren’t a lot of those options kind of dumb? (death marks anyone? how bout those freezes or silences that just don’t go away?) The less emphasis on random stuff outside the player’s control, the more emphasis there is on working the board and actually playing the game. That would be an improvement, in my book.

Looping teams are the big winners of the badge/medal lottery, that much seems clear. I guess we’ll see if they become too strong or not.

Why does a Cedric medal cleanse instead of give gold bonus? I mean he is the vault gnome and he gives extra gold in his traits . How is it not give x% gold bonus?


They created all this with freeze/snap freeze/% chance freeze per turn, not to mention other iterations… sadly.

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I think the design process for this medal targeted event and delve uses and not pvp/guild wars. Non-player owned teams won’t have medals to defend against status effects, making it a one sided benefit.


It’s always abundantly clear the people who design the game don’t play the game.

I mean, sure, once a week they put their beefy dev character on stream and casually hack at 4 or 5 matches. But nobody who sits down and plays GoW for an hour or more per day would’ve designed an Explore difficulty chooser that requires you to scroll 3 screens every. Single. Time. Or might’ve noticed the difficulty slider in one mode affects another for what, the fifth time?


Quick math: with 2 Cedric medals, there is 67,6% chance for the Cleanse in first turn, 71,2% in second, 74,8% in third, 78,4 in fourth etc… With 3 medals: 80,5% in first, 82,7% in second, 84,9% in third, 87 in fourth… (I included natural 10% chance of cleanse which gradually increases with a new turn).

I would like to be able to equipe a 4th and 5th cedric medal. Screw status effects like web, silence or entangle dragging matches on for an extra few minutes. If these medals get nerfed I don’t think I’ll be able to play the game again.


Entangle, freeze on first turn sucks i avoid any team with a hero that i now has snap freeze talent on pvp. Now with explore i haven’t touched pvp, and i dont miss it.


Are you sure a second cedric medal gives extra bonus?
In the case of anu, it doesnt.

This would be easy enough to test, but I haven’t done so myself:

Equip two Medals of Cedric. Set your PvP defense team to a hero with Snap Freeze. Test your defense team 20 times, retreating after the first turn. Count the number of times the Medals fired off.

Tacet also has a video where he tests 3 cleanse medals. His troops cleanse almost every turn

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Ok, but the text on the left doesnt matter. Same with anu and i didnt get multiple bonus.

Cedric medal is one of the most stupid things ever made to this game. It undermines many troops, some classes and strategies. Shame on you.


Starting mana never stacks. And youre free to test if you dont believe it

I’ve tried to always be positive on the forums but I’d like to throw my hat into the ring here. This is rediculous. At this rate, why not just get rid of status effects all together?

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Just wanted to mention the Screenshot is worthless.

Pretty sure it does for me. I have 3 medals and my troops cleanse almost every turn. It’s more rare that they don’t cleanse.

That’s a good idea. Status effects are one of my most hated things in the game after mana drain. All they do is make matches last longer.

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