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GW Changes, Medals and Talents

I know this has been bought up before, and we have had a fairly definitive answer that it wont happen by Salty a few times in regards to medals, but I feel it needs to be said more now than in the past.

The campaigns have been running for a bit now since 5.1 dropped. We are in week 7 now, and have had 2 GWs during this time. This last GW I noticed a bunch of players we faced, and having talked to some others, they also noticed it as well, that they didnt have the full 3 medals equipped showing. Wasnt that we missed a stat based medal, it was just that they were not equipped.

Normally, for me at least, before a GW battle, I do the following:

Check the team Im facing.
Check their hero talents.
Check what medals they are using.

With the World Event running every week, including during GW weeks, and requiring a specific medal set to get optimal participation, hence why those medals were even made before someone says dont use them, it is affecting the way GW is run.

Now, in the past, like when Delves were released and the changes to GW in terms of def teams and the 24 unique troops with bonus points to counter the meta defs on every day, we were told that the teams would be locked into place. This is semi true.

The troops, the banner, the class and the weapon are all locked.

Talents and Medals though, are not.

If I go to do 1 of the many other aspects of the game during a GW week, I either have to do that at a disadvantage and not use the best medals or talents for that, or I have to screw up my GW def teams. The result usually means, and I know this is true for a lot of players, is that during GW week, less of the game is played, because we dont want to inadvertently damage our GW def teams.

I believe that we need 1 of 2 changes to occur to fix this:

  1. We need Medals and Talents to be set based on each team slot. This is the harder of the 2 options IMO. This way, we can have multiple teams for different areas of the game, like World Event, Delves, PvP, Explore, GW, etc etc, and have the best version of the teams we want to use in each area.

  2. The Medals and Talents are truely locked into place when the team can not be changed any more, such as GW def teams and Delve teams after 1st battle. This doesnt solve all the issues with it and every other aspect of the game, but it does represent what is meant to actually happen.

I would be happy with either of the 2 options, and Im sure a lot of others have a preference on which they would prefer, but I believe for the health of the game, this is a QoL update, much like the classes per team slot being added, that the game needs to stay healthy.

Having people not play other aspects of the game to focus on 1 part is not the best way for the game to grow, especially when there are other mechanics in the game that if they worked the way it is meant to, would solve this almost entirely and encourage others to play more parts of the game during those times.


Devs be like “TLDR, we don’t care about GW or medals/any QOL updates. Let’s just implement yet another monetisation update.”


This feature would get rid of a few rant’s especially during GW.
When we had just Guild Wars during a week, it was not an issue, but the growing trend is to pack more and more events in a week. This last week we had Guild Wars, World Event, a new faction Delve, and Campaign all in the same week.

What’s this mean? This means you have to reset your medals, as well as talents mid week to do other events and your GW defense team that you cannot change & are partially locked but not fully locked. Teams are locked, but medals & talents are not, so you can use a class and put barrier on it, but then decide to change the talent for another event you are doing or campain while your defense that you locked in with a certain hero and a certain team cannot be changed now suffers.


This would be the ideal solution, but at a minimum the medals need to be that way.

Or at least allow each team point to one of the 3 medal configuration slots rather than having 1 of the 3 be globally selected. That would allow the player to leave 1 or 2 of the configurations locked in place for defense teams while still having 1 or 2 free to mess around with for other events.