How is it 2023 and we still cannot assign Medals with each Team?

In general, it’s constant annoyance having to assign different medal to different teams. Or having to juggle Medal layouts when I need more than the 3 available.

It’s also disadvantage during Guild Wars/PvP where I’m doing World Event with the weekly medals and my team is Guild Wars defense team is losing due to having a suboptimal medals assigned. Potentially hurting my entire guild.

What makes it most frustrating is that it’s a simple fix and it’s been an ongoing design issue for years now.


They are not very interested in quality of life updates, that’s why.

We can’t even get 5 medal slots so we don’t have to juggle around with three all the time. Or a designated slot for world events and GW defense. That would already help.

But since they’re not playing their own game, they don’t know how much of a nuisance this is.


As soon as they figure out a way to monetize it, it will get done.


Things that hurt everybody, hurt nobody.

Medal Pass Time.

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Honestly 3 slots are enough. Even though I’d prefer 1 or 2 more sometimes, it’s not a game breaking issue. At least for me. And I participate in every event including GWs.

We want the medals part of a team selection. Also the class attribute picks. Changing it for 1 team should not impact all.


minor problem

Remember when Hero Class was a global thing and not something that could be independently assigned to individual teams? And how the developers (eventually) got around to amending that so we could assign a separate Hero class to each team?

It’s time for the same thing to happen for Medals.


This is absolutely imperative at Regis point. Medals should not be global when everything else is per team.