Make talents and medals equippable per team slot

Class talents and medals equipped make a big difference especially with some teams. You might be using almost an entirely different talent set and likely different medals for 2 teams using the same class. With pvp and guild war defenses if you are changing your talents for a class used by a defense team to use that class for something else then your defense team no longer becomes as viable. Plus seems kinda awkward to have to go to the talent screen and adjust the talents again and then go to the medals screen and swap them again basically each and every time you use a different team. It isn’t something that would interfere with any monetary gains for developers so maybe soon we could hope you change the system so that we can equip the talents and medals in the team slot without affecting other teams as well. I understand it would cause some reworking of the sharing teams links and codes to include medals as well but since they already include talents i have a feeling that wouldn’t be as difficult to manage. So adding another tab to the troops screen for medals instead of simply selecting them on the overworld map and adding them into the code and having the code be locked to the team slot so when you change the talents for one team it only changes the talents for that team would be very helpful I am sure.


People have been asking this for a long time. I doubt they even read the feature request section. In fact I’m pretty sure they said something about UI complications being why they can’t, or won’t do it. They sure don’t have any problems working in cash grab mechanics into the UI though.


Maybe if we can figure out a way to monetize the feature they will be interested lol


I keep telling them that having lousy appalling terrible very bad useless pathetic UI will cost them paying customers who leave the game because why would they not. If that’s not enough monetization then I don’t know what is.

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I do like a lot about this game but the awkward UI and rushed releases are not among them.

Great suggestion…

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VIP 20 now gives lets you assign medals per team!


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If buying enough VIP would let me assign class talents and medals per team I would aim for it lol

Remember when medals were introduced and developers said we’d get more medals? It seems like developers have abandoned the concept of medals in favor of heroic gems. We’ve gotten so many game-breaking heroic gems (and I mean that literally) but medals have remained stagnant since their introduction outside of a slight balance change of the Cedric to Orpheus medal.

I’d rather see more medals, even just different world event medals, over more heroic gems.