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Video: Top 10 Free Kingdom Epics

Hello everyone! Today I go over the top 10 epics that can be obtained for free from kingdom quest lines.



HMM, new kingdom you say?

Rowanne will always be the best troop.

Lady Sapphira is a kingdom epic that also deals true damage.

Yes, I forgot about that while doing the video.

Also, hi Nimhain! Didn’t realize you actually watch my videos. xD

Mate, at PAX Nimhain and Sirrian told me everyone at the Infinite offices now greet each other with HEEEELLO EVERYBODY! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, I just missed the time when lady saphirra was one of the best epics. Now she’s completely forgotten, even by tacet.

Good Video like always, very useful for Starters.
But…Really high risk high reward troop? Rowanne, really? Or was that sarcasm?
Probably the safest bet in the game. Without buffing her at all her damage is way beyond anything that is possible for other split damage troops without heavy setups. Even mostly stripped of armor her damage is still up there with comparable troops like Zephyros. Buffing Setups just make this troop absolutely absurd.

The high-risk element is when you build a team around her only to have an opponent hit her once to knock her armor down. Especially early to mid game, putting all your eggs in the Rowanne basket can be dangerous. I’ve tried some different builds with her and find her to be extremely hit or miss. Usually, it works great, but occasionally things go wrong. Once I have more kingdoms at 5-stars, I can see her being a little more reliable.


A very important video for new players - right here! :wink:

That’s why I must use her with a troop that can give her barrier. Otherwise, I’m too nervous her armor will get hit.

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That, or a secondary damage-dealer. I’m still waiting for Settite on console to see how that would work.

You should try: Dryad/Green Seer/Rowanne/Settite Warrior

It’s from one of Tacet’s old videos. It’s fun to play, and it’s fast if you have enough armor stats. The team works well because you get an armor buff and barrier.

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Rowanne is high-risk-high-reward in the sense that almost her entire damage output is dependant on a factor that every enemy unit can affect. If her Armor starts taking hits then her damage output plummets - this is an Achilles Heel that’s unique to troops that are effective based on Armor or Life. If she’s left alone or even actively buffed then she’s spectacular; if her Armor is gone then she’s nigh useless. I think it’s fair to call that high risk.

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But even with highly damaged armor she is still as or even more effective than comparable epic split damage troops.
The only “risk” involved is that if things go south she wont be 3-4 times more effective than troops like zephyros…

Lady Saphirra is one of several troops that got nerfed and then changes occured in the game that nerfed it even further. The most notable instances of troops that have been nerfed to non-existence are Lady Saphirra, Silent One, and Gloom Leaf. All 3 at one point in the game were each the strongest troop in the entire game for at least a month each. Now they are so underused they are basically non-existent past something like level 200.

RIP Emo tree. The flavour text and feel of decimating the enemy with a depressed tree was a fun way to play the game. I’m probably RPing gems of war too much to min/max some days!.

Excellent video as always Tacet.

Emo-tree is not amused.

Yes that’s top of my list to try. Hopefully Settite will be released in the next week or two. With so many new troops, it’s hard to try everything I want to in limited play time.

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I’m not sure why you keep holding Zephyros up as a comparable. He’s pretty lame.

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