Best troop for each rarity (Opinion piece)

Hi all,

I thought it may be a good discussion for new and old players alike. The title pretty much sums it up, what is everyone’s favorite troop for each rarity from common to mythical. It’s all subjective so you can make your list based off of farm, damage, support, arena, or whatever you like. I feel like we should dis-include common GW and Guardian troops. In no way is this a best troop for each because there would be too much parity between lists, although you are free to do it this way.

Here is mine:

Common: Dwarven Gate - Barriers, mana, and tanks Oh My.
Rare: Urskatyr - Just fun to use, love casting a couple times and killing a Gorg.
Ultra Rare: Fire Giant - Goes well with a lot of mythics.
Epic: Lady Ironbeard - Probably one of the best troops in the whole game IMO and why I started this list.
Legendary - Carnex - This is obviously a very hard one, he isn’t even close to the legendary troop I use the most, just the one I think I have the most fun with because of his 3rd trait. (Updated)
Mythical - Ketras - Just fun to try with all types of different support troops and I don’t own all mythics yet.
Weapon - Mang - I guess…
Class - Bard - Just can’t wait to fully trait as I have a lot of fun with Scorpius.

As I was creating this list I realized how hard it is to pick just one troop of each rarity, just do your best.

I appreciate your time and effort for anyone that takes time out to respond and make a list.

What about The Dragon Soul? More reliable than Carnex when it comes to explosions, and does damage as well as giving souls. For just 1 mana cost more.

Common - Fire Bomb/Bombot/Snowy Owl
Rare - Alchemist/Valkyrie/Dark Maiden
Ultra Rare - Apothecary/Sunbird
Epic - Ragnagord/Rowanne/Azura
Legendary - Gorgotha/Krystenax
Mythic - Ketras/Infernus/Famine
Weapon - Dawnbringer
Class - Titan


Eika’s basically got my list - except Bard is far stronger than Titan IMO, that might be a distant second.

WAIT - Mercy for Epic.

And… I don’t actually seem to use any Ultras right now. Hm.

Giant Spider for Ultras. Wisp and Herdmaster get honorable mentions.

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It all depends on how you look on it and what team set ups you prefer. I prefer quick matches, so Titan class is offering me fast on Dawnbringer, as well as I like to play with giants, all then starts out with 50 % mana. In this case Titan is a really good class.

True enough. I might just have an absurdly strong Bard team and not use giants lol.

Keeping with the purpose of this thread, my list would look like…

Common - Dwarven Gate / Snowy Owl
Rare - Valkyrie / Alchemist / Dark Maiden
Ultra-Rare - Giant Spider / Apothecary
Epic - Mercy / Ragnagord / Rowanne
Legendary - Gorgotha / Krystenax
Mythic - Infernus / Famine
Weapon - Dawnbringer
Class - Bard / Titan


I like Carnex for his +25% skull damage trait, I have fun trying to get that as high as possible, I guess I should have put that in the explanation.

I was thinking to add her as well. Its probably just my bad luck but the last few weeks I feel I rarely get a good starting board with her, I maybe feel I got more often a good starting board with her before.

Common: wraith
Rare: eleven bard / wight
Ultra rare: bone Naga
Epic: lady Sapphire / nosferatu
Legendary : Keeper of Souls / Umberwolf
Mythic: Drakulis / photos ra/ Xanthos
Weapon: Soul of Xanthos

*apologies in advance for any spelling or rarity mistakes

Common - Dwarven Gate / Bombot
Rare - Valkyrie / Dark Maiden
Ultra - Apothecary / Merlion
Epic - Ragnagord / Mercy
Legendary - Dragon Soul / Umberwolf
Mythic - Infernus / Famine
Weapon - No Dawnbringer yet so Sun & Moon
Class - Bard

Common - Snowy Owl
Rare - Alchemist
Ultra-Rare - Dark Priestess
Epic - Asha
Legendary - Behemoth
Mythic - Infernus

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Common: If guild guardians/GW troops don’t count, then Goblin/Rockworm/Fire Bomb.
Rare: Valkyrie/Dragotaur.
Ultra-Rare: Spirit Fox/Sunbird.
Epic: Asha/Fizzbang.
Legendary: Khorvash/Mab/TDS.
Mythic: Likely Infernus (I don’t have him). Pharos-Ra for farming, though; he deserves a special mention.
Weapon: Dawnbringer
Class: Bard

Going to go more for my favourites from each category, as defining a “best” is quite difficult and will vary from situation to situation:

Common - Dwarven Gate
Rare - Elven Bard
Ultra-Rare - Treant
Epic - Green Seer / Ragnagord (hard to choose between these two, both have facilitated so many of my teams over time)
Legendary - Garuda
Mythic - Ketras! Ever since he was first released he’s been my favourite! Just really find him fun to use.

This is an interesting choice.

I feel great satisfaction playing this Team and it requires a little extra consideration each move which I enjoy. One of the nifty benefits of this team is utterly insane damage with a total mana cost of 47 (with all Troops full). Makes eating a Famine hit quite controllable & recoverable. Use punching bag strategy for BeBe and let him gather mostly by cascades, while you focus on filling Green Seer with Purples.


edit: note do not Transform Blue/Purple to Green or you may doom yourself … unless conditions are correct. Also try not to chase Skull Matches and work to cascade as many down as possible with Transforms before you unleash DP

Just curious, why Sylvasi instead of Dark Maiden? The latter is even cheaper on mana and arguably has a better spell to keep your meatshield healthy…

Or Loyalty in second position. Loyalty is fun too!

This used to be Forest Troll Kraken x2 Mab…

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I pitch my vote for Bogstrider in the common slot.

8 mana, destroys a ton of gems, entangle a random enemy on spell cast, entangle on skull damage, and Barkskin

It’s a cheaper more durable Marilith

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3 primary reasons: Purple generation, stealing Attack to provide another layer of protection should Skull generation go horribly awry, and to have a 2nd character that can get the job done with high Attack should BeBe fall.

Plus this was cooked up as an anti-Psion/Gord/Famine deck so double-stealing from Psion can also occur reducing his attack to 0 and thereby effectively removing his Syphon Trait should that course of action be necessary.

I try to build decks that give a lot of flexibility to the player depending on battle conditions.

I was referring to the topic, I’m not going to touch your team comp…