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Beginner - unlocking kingdoms - will this team get me through them all?

Hi all,
I’m just over level 100 and I’m in the darkstone kingdom cluster. Here’s the team I’m using right now:


Here’s my collection: My Collection - Gems of War Database

Really my question is a two parter -

  1. Will this team get me through all the kingdoms? I feel like a few matches that don’t go my way can makes things dicey fast.
  2. Is there anything I have that might make for a better/faster team?

I used to use Zephyros in the 4th slot but I’m finding that the Devoted, even though its untraited* and lower level, is more useful because it fuels whatever I need to fuel (tho seems to do a great job of setting up 4/5 matches for the enemy more than me :stuck_out_tongue: ). So as long as I don’t get slammed with bad luck or true damage I usually win.

I just can’t help but look at my opponents that are all mythic’d out with full traits and over level 20 and wonder how long I can keep this up.

*I have zero runic water traitstones and unsure if I should be farming them now or just waiting

Thanks in advance for any thoughts/comments!

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Your team will work.

When you have access to the kingdom called Urskaya, prioritize beating it and unlocking its class. When you beat 250 battles with that class (called Sentinel), you’ll get the best weapon to go with Rowanne: Shield of Urskaya.

The shield gives Rowanne more armor the higher your opponents’ stats are, so your strength will scale proportionately to their difficulty, which makes the rest of the game after that easy-peasy :+1:


I’ve added ?sort=baserarity-desc&filter-kind=Troop&filter-count=%3E0 to the link here, which sorts by Base Rarity and filters for Owned Troops (Count → >0 and Type → Troop): https://gowdb.com/collection/8efc5a2a0517f81bc6869be72c1a3946?sort=baserarity-desc&filter-kind=Troop&filter-count=>0. I find it helpful in general.

Agreed with the above, and your experience with The Devoted (a mix, in that the Armor is helpful, and sometimes it works, but other times it can be frustrating or slow you down). Some other options to consider for that fourth slot could be Fire Bomb (traited) or Leprechaun (traited) once you get it, to speed things up, or maybe Templar (equally mana blocked, but also gives Armour and a more controllable Gem conversion, able to refill Rowanne)? Or any other Empowered converter to speed things up, e.g. you have Herald of Damnation (blue → purple) who (once traited, it’s tough I know) could fill Clockwork Sphinx, who in turn can help get the ball rolling on one of the others.

If you feel like it, I’d be interested to see a screenshot of the stats you’re up against compared to your own! Helps to calculate how much Armour you’re going to need, how many casts of each Troop, etc. :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t prioritise The Devoted for traiting – save those stones for more critical Troop and Class traits, for which it can sometimes be worth farming if they’ll boost your gameplay enough. Empowered/Fast (start with % mana), Mana Link traits (bonus mana), skull damage reduction (if you’ll use it up front, e.g. Sentinel Class’ 2nd trait), Cedric Sparklesack’s bonus gold for boosting gold-based Spells (Egg Thief, Skeleton Key, etc.) – that kind of thing :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Here you go!

I find I need to get Rowanne into the 40-50 range with Sphinx and then double her up with the Cog, and then I can one shot everything. I’ll cast Rowanne earlier if it has a good chance of taking out an enemy ready to cast vs. wait to be able to one-shot.

edit: I’m realizing the numbers on these guys are kind of low compared to others I’ve been up against. I’m often seeing numbers in the 30s and sometimes 40s after traits kick in from 4/5matches or spellcasts.

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I think you’re on the right track, tbh! You’ll get more options as your Troop collection expands. If you’re feeling particularly limited in that respect, seek out a more active guild that will complete more Tasks (to get you Keys, etc.) :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I’m in a super casual guild that doesn’t even have a full roster yet, but I don’t know how time-invested I want to get quit yet :slight_smile: so I think I’ll roll with what I’m getting from it until I decide if I want to be more active.

BTW, I’m sitting on 100+ gold keys - still worth using them?

Yeah, I think so. The only times it’s generally been beneficial to hold on to them have been when they were still releasing new Kingdoms, which hasn’t happened for ages (they might still do 1-2 more at some point for new languages, but probably not too soon), to make it easier to get (and ascend) those new Troops, and for newly-released Bounty Troops that typically come out in the event shop every four weeks (and are available in Gold Chests four weeks after that). At your stage though, I think it’s pretty safe to just open them.

Cool, thanks!

And event keys I save for when the kingdom is one I want to try to target pulls from, right?

That’s right — and event keys are your best shot at getting specific legendary troops, like Divine Ishbaala (one of the best to try and get) :smiley:

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So I unlocked Mang and kind of want to take it out for a spin (also to take a break from Rowanne team).

Not quite sure which troops to use with it. Here’s what I’m thinking atm:


Apothecary seems redundant (or the better choice over Devoted maybe?) Also feel like I need something that can dish out decent skull damage OR push my hero back to the front if moved.

Was originally thinking hero/skellie/banshee/apothecary, but kind of like the devoted better for the color flexibility and a touch of armor.

And my current collection: My Collection - Gems of War Database

I love Apothecary so much. Put her in. Do you have anything that generates skulls? That will make your high attack useful.

If you’re interested, Prancypants will likely have room for new people tomorrow (Mondays are kicking days :smiling_imp: ). It’s a casual guild with a full roster. Lots of people will help you out. Feel free to join our discord https://discord.gg/3UDgjr3 if you want to check it out before joining.

And if you’re not interested, no worries. I’ll just go cry in my corner over there.

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Problem with this advice is Urskaya is one of 5 kingdoms which are unlocked as last group… so by the time, you Sentinel unlocked, you’ll be missing 4 kingdoms quests … Not mentioning getting those 250 fights for shield…

But you can always unlock Sentinel, if there’s a Thursday Class Tial for Sentinel (or any class that’s active in Thursday Event without needing to unlock kingdom or do their quests)

Basicaly you want to have all/most of your troops ascendend to mythic.
If you are already there, than those keys are pretty worthless…
I’m burning my gold keys every time counter reachers 200 or more… I do it for gems.
So it’s a source of gems of a kind. They also drop some traitstones (if you need any).

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