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Video: Rowanne 1-2 Cast Win Team W/ Valkyrie

Hello everyone! Today I go over a great Rowanne+Valkyrie build that can 1-2 cast the enemy team.

Also, I forgot the redeem code for the video, so here is the code that should have been in the video for all of you that read the description, are on the GoW forum, or my Facebook: 7QTWP9KMHZ

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Keep up the good work.

Is it just my imagination or are you using R/P banner? I’m guessing you toggled one too far and meant Bl/Y?

I always pronounced it as Row-ann, no long “e” on the end, just like the name Anne instead of Annie. If it was Rowannie that would make sense.


I sometimes use a team of:

I’m on PS4, so no Devoted for me, but mine works much the same way. Alastair tanks, buffs everyone’s armor and removes purple, Valk feeds the other three and loops, and Templar buffs armor and loops. There is a little bit of mana-blocking with Alastair taking red before Valk, and Templar turning reds to green, but as long as Alastair doesn’t get overwhelmed in the first couple turns and Rowanne doesn’t get BoneDragoned, then this team can sweep the board. Like Tacet’s team, it is a bit of high risk/reward, but fun to play.

IMO to random. Way to May random opportunities give to the NPC in terms of 4 matches.

Much prefer Gorgotha Rowanne setite warrior orb… Although I may switch Rowanne and setite now that lion is released.

It’s a hard match life for her.


I love this line-up. but since I’m not using Sorcerer (gonna need 50 gems to change, I’ll just wait), I use Templar as substitute… Or maybe any better troop that fits this line-up?

Hey Tacet,

thx for the Idea and Video. Yesterday i have leveled Rowanne and take her in a Team with:
Templar ***
Valk ***
Rowanne *
Hero with Orb

My God this is really awesome to farm traitstones… very quick! My Question, do you know a better or quicker Way to play with Rowanne / Farm Traitstones?
My Favourite Team atm on Console (Xbox) is:
Gorgotha *
Infernal King *
Sheggra **
Mercy **

This Team i love so much… I Have made the PVP this week with it till Rank 1. That was Fun!
The Console Stuck very often when i fire up Sheggra after Infernal King and the hole Board is full of Skulls and Red gems :slight_smile:

Cya Mike

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