Need Solid Team Help


I have Lady Sapphira and Celestasia. I want to make my solid team include these troops. My Whitehelm kingdom level is 10.

First slot: Celestasia (Is it good?)
Second slot: Lady Sapphira (Is is good?)
Third slot: Zombie or Wraith or Skeleton or Ghoul or Banshee
Fourth slot: Zombie or Wraith or Skeleton or Ghoul or Banshee

If I make above team, I have 2 kingdom bonus at least. Other bonus will create after decide third and fourth slot.

I’m waiting for your opinion.


I assume that you are fairly new to the game and don’t have a lot of troops yet. If you have any other epics or legendaries, you might want to list them too.

But from what you’ve said, I would only put Celestasia in first slot if you have the 3rd trait (the barrier can make her a much tougher first-slot troop). Assuming you don’t have that trait, for a first slot Whitehelm troop, I might go with Archon Statue if you have it. If you did, I would then put Celestasia behind Lady Saphira so that Saphira is not mana-blocked.

Then you’d need a 4th troop (or one for the 2nd slot if you put Saphira and Celestasia behind), preferably one that uses red and/or purple mana. Of the ones you list, Zombie might be a good option as it would use purple and remove skulls from the board. I wouldn’t use Banshee since she turns blues into reds and you don’t have any troops that use red (and do have a troop that uses blue).

Ideally, with Saphira, you’d be able to pair her with another troop that does true damage, but if you’re relatively early in the game, you might not have a lot of options there. So, I would just be careful about choosing my target with her: focus on troops at the back that aren’t taking any skull damage, or use her to finish off already weakened troops. You don’t want to hit the same troop with both true damage and regular damage if you can avoid it, since the regular damage will be wasted. By putting her more toward the back, she will get stronger throughout the battle and if you lose your first couple troops, she may be able to win the battle for you in the end.


id agree on a lot of @Stan said

but i think id try something different

depends how many souls u have and if you leveled celestasia:

if you leveled celestasia close to lv19 but other units not really, id put her up front to tank as a meat shield (every legendary has quite a lot stats when max level) and then i might consider using something else then sapphira as she would get mana blocked

analogically if celestasia was not leveled(and not traited), i would focus on sapphira and not use celestasia at all - why? - coz her mana cost is too high for the benefits she gives at low level, plus yellow mana bloecked it would mean you barely ever get to cast her and when you do the results are poor

if you have a leveled + traited celestasia go ahead put her on first position but then i would guess u probablly have few more better legends to use up the sleeve

there is a unit you can get from completing khaziel quest line that is similiar to celestasia - emperina , check her out at troop list when u toggle on ‘show all’ and type ‘emperina’ or part of it in the bottom-right search bar

about kingdom stat bonuses they are useful but if unit spells and colots dont work with each other then the kingdom bonuses wont help much enough

Thanks for your reply.

As I understood from your reply,

I have Archon Statue but I don’t use this because I don’t have any Undead bonus therefore Can I Skeleton instead of Archon Statue? If I put Skeleton, I will have Undead Bond bonus for my undeads.

I will revised my list according to your comment;

First slot: Archon Statue or Skeleton
Second slot: Celestasia
Third Slot: Lady Sapphira
Fourth Slot: If first slot is skeleton, fourth slot is Wight. But If first slot is Archon Statue, fourth slot is Skeleton.

I’m waiting for your reply.

Thanks for your reply.

I have already Emperina. Almost all epic heroes I have.

I have only 2 legendary Infernal King and Celestasia. I want to make PVP team.

Please write troop build with these hero.

imfernal king is awesome

do you have any unit (or hero clas) that has high stats? (is leveled up)

something that could take quite damage before it dies plus has high enough attack to use skills nicely

i wanna build a team around infernal king but it needs first unit to be a meat shield with high attack (would be nice if it had trait ‘stoneskin’ or ‘armored’)

No I don’t have any hero.

Please help me for PVP team and write all build like this (first slot… second slot…)

You can write blighted lands troops for Infernal King.

im not sure of the first unit so for now considering something of those

golem / northrender / rock worm / ship cannon / or a hero with single-brown colored weapon
infernal king
snow sprite
+abyssmal banner +2purple +1 red -1yellow (unlocked when you unlock blighted lands kingdom)

in this setup nothing has to be traited but if u want the top unit to last longer the golem is really easy to trait his stoneskin 50% skull reduction

tactic would be:

  1. try fill mana of sylvasi or infernal king as soon as possible as a priority, with a priority of taking red and purple gems (rather avoid vellow, blue and brown unless there is nothing better to do)

  2. when you cast sylvasi or infernal king make sure you get an extra turn (or at least a few of 3 gem matches) from it (those 2 units should fill each other mana at least partially)

  3. when you cast sylvasi usually do it on the first enemy to steal his attack so his skull attacks wouldnt do you much damage

  4. use snow sprite to freeze the enemy that is most dangerous depends on the situation - but make sure he doesnt have impervious or insulated (immunity to freeze) - if he does - try to freeze another unit that has same colors as the dangerous one, you can also freeze the first enemy so it doesnt get extra turn from 4+ skull attacks

  5. the brown unit on top, is a temporary meat shield to hold on until you can fill mana for sylvasi and infernal king - by then you want the brown unit dead so you could skull bash the enemy with your high attack sylvasi (just make sure sylvasi did steal some attack to get it high) - so originally you try to not take brown gems but fill the other units instead but if there is extra turn with brown or any sort of situation u could make a good use of the brown unit just do so!

in the end the way you shouls look at the board:

when you cast infernal king:


when you cast sylvasi:


so you keep a 4+ gem setups of blue/purples in a rown and brown/reds in a row also green/skulls in a row (any row, be it horisontal or vertical or the 5gem angle thing) while you play to prepare an extra turn possibility waiting for you when you can cast sylvasi or infernal king, thats why you want to leave browns blues and greens on board, but if they create sinngle color extra turn better take it before the enemy does

this is still just a theorycrafting, i tested the team a bit but not enough plus my stats are quite high so its not the same as your early play so i might be wrong on this

it turns out to make a cool beginner infernal king deck and to add soul creator to it is harder then i thought

let me know what u think and if you have sylvasi at all?

btw you have a hero.
when you go to troop list, there is a hero tab, you can pick a weapon and drag it to a team slot to use your hero with that weapon

to change your class, or find out where to learn a class you click Hero>> Class, then you click a class and it will tell you what kingdom quest line to finish to learn it, you can choose one for free once a day, to level it up you will need to click it (or customise if its not your chosen one) and then spend souls on it, it can level up to lv 20,
also when you already learn the class you still need to choose it


Very thanks for your reply. I appreciated.

Which class is good for this deck?

honestly any and none xD
the classes become great after traited
and cost of leveling a class to lv20 is so high you are better off leveling a class that will not get a bonus for using a brown weapon (means will not be so good for this deck) but instead will become useful for you later on (archer, sorcerer, necromancer, assasin)

or just use one of the brown commons

snow sprite does so low dmg that I would take almost anything else than her :confused:

i know but her mana cost is so low you can get her up with one lucky blue match that gains mana surge

and she is there to freeze enemy so that they dont take all extra turns in the world

i feel like if you put there a high mana cost unit you will be stuck trying to fill mana instead of casting

dont level it, just level sylvasi infernal and the first unit whatever u choose, and test it like that

you can replace it with sunweaver

after convert he can gain extra purple or red mana.
and after sylvasi cast he woudn’t have any blue mana.
So I would suggest something purple/red
Mist stalker is very stron early game
Warg would give few souls per battle

I don’t have only sylvasi for this team. Therefore please any troop instead of sylvasi.

thats the point in that deck to have a low cost blue unit so that u dont need to use it in a main strategy but when u are unlucky and board keep giving u blue u could make a good use of it, im positive about snow sprite,

but anyway here is a different deck
im gonna try testing it now but tell me do u even have those units?

hero+ weapon: war and peace
infernal king
giant spider

dragon banner(not sure if this one but gonna try it) +2red +1yellow -1 brown
(war and peace weapon u get after completing adana + khaziel quest lines, u need to do adana first i think)
im gonna try to fill valkyrie first with mainly red gems, else spider then charge infernal, hero only as a second choice mana brb testing

seems working so far, you need a plan what colots to leave on board and which one to give up on to use transmute with valkyrie and spider

so id suggest to transmute yellow away as a priority
keep purple/red for sure, try to keep brown too if its possible

if you must, get rid of green or blue but it will have some negative consequences

to be honest this much transmute is a hindrance to me and id prefer something that requires less thinking but you are still new player so i hope you will enjoy the chellenge, waiting your idea what u think about that

so yeah 2 wins 0 looses but its a hindrance and takes a lot of time planning all those transmutes (it does allow a good board control )
i had much more fun with the sylvasi deck

im gonna abandon this testing it takes too much time, ill think of something else, still let me know what u think @Liverah

I checked my troop list again and I don’t have Giant Spider and Weapon war and peace and unlock this weapon (Only obtained from special events)

Please write which troop is first,second,third,fourth.

Can I use mist stalker instead of giant spider. Because I have mist stalker.

just told you xD thats quest line not special event dont worry :slight_smile:
ill check this:

hero green/brown
infernal king

abysmal banner

brb testing


it requires a good color picking strategy, i dont have that atm, i know that guardians have the potential to bring a lot of fun even untraited but its too risky at the moment without a proper strategy and the top unit should probably have some ‘link’ trait and/or that supports fill up faster

so nah still looking

Ok. I’m waiting for your test reply.

I’m playing with below team for a long time. Is it good?

Infernal King
Lady Anariel

+2 yellow banner.

Is it good? or your advice team is better than above my team?

finished testing, see previous post, its no good

ill try your team, i know i do like anariel :smiley: im glad u have her i totally forgot about her!

whats your tactic playing that deck?

hmm i already see one basic mistake, you need unit that uses red mana, its much more productive if u cast infernal king - he produces a lot of red