Video: Strong Defend Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over some defend builds to consider using for the start of version 2.0. The next update will make defend wins important to your overall weekly 15 to 1 rank as well as extra rewards on the global leaderboard. I will go over defend builds again a week or so after the 2.0 update to see what defend teams are returning the highest win rates at the top of the leaderboard. I would highly recommend consider incorporating Queen Mab or the 1st base mythic troop into your defend team soon after 2.0.

Also, redeem code. :wink: Hopefully that will help with defending some too.

Feel free to comment other strong defend builds in the comments. I mostly just went over my favorites and ones that I have seen to be effective.


I’m posting this before watching the video (can’t at the moment), but the single best performing Defense Team I have is;

Knight Coronet***
Wolf Knight***
Griffon Knight***
Lance Knight***
Sword’s Edge Banner (Yellow/Blue)

It wins 80% of the time, and I wish I knew why.
EDIT: I’d like to add the reason to my confusion is that Lance Knight is wasted mostly. The only contribution he gives is Team Bonuses and Water Link. Maybe he becomes a difference maker once the others start to fall.

Next best, at around 65%, is;

Adana Banner (Red/Yellow)

I find the AI works better with less colours or if you heavily skew the team to use a single colour. It better focuses the AI’s habits.

Also, always have a good Skull damage-dealer up front, as the AI will take Skulls over anything else.


Nice video!

My one comment is on the #3 deck for Newer Players. The Warhound does do a lot of attack reduction at mythic with full magic kingdoms, at lower levels it’s not so much. Going on Epic Rarirty (one ascend) and no magic kingdoms, he’ll only be reducing Attack by 8, which will definitely help, but particularly when going up again base legendary or better troops they will still be doing ok damage, after a cast, and it would take 2 or more to reduce them to almost 0.


Yeah, lowered level Warhound doesn’t do nearly as much, but it does enough for stoneskin in first slot. Warhound would reduce an enemy’s attack by half or more. That single cast reduced by an additional 50% is around 2-4 damage, if that.

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The other thing is, at lower levels it’s a lot harder to get the Tier 3 traits active, so it’s a lot less likely that a lower level player will have more than 1 or 2 available to them over all of their troops, and unless they’re using the same troops on offense, they might not have the Arcanes to spare to trait up a pure defense team. I’m currently level 91 and I only just got my first Tier 3 trait today. Obviously it will depend on how much people are willing to farm, and I might be on the low end of that tier. But farming is also a bit harder at lower levels as well.

Just some thoughts.

EDIT: Just rewatching the lower level teams, and my points above do affect Thrall’s usefulness since his Magic Link is at Tier 3, and he doesn’t get as much use outside of being summoned I don’t think? Though only 1 arcane to trait, so not horrible at least.


I support defense teams with Mercy!
So easy to trap to feed my invades with yellow^^


5 out of 5 pink poodles :poodle: :poodle: :poodle: :poodle: :poodle:

Thank you. I really enjoy your videos, Tacet. Not only are they helpful, but they provide a focal point for discussion about particular concepts: defend teams, in this case.

I am currently running:

Knight Coronet
The Great Maw
Bone Dragon

Dark Banner

I am sure it could be better, but I like the combination and have had decent results.



The issue I see with your Defense team is that it’s mostly high Mana costs, with Bone Dragon Mana-blocked. On offense, a faster team would dominate you.

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Newer Defend #2 also has issues in that it uses both Dust Devil and Goblin’s Tier 3 traits that seem core for the operation of the team.

Newer Defend #4 also uses Tier 3 on Chimera, which also seems core. You mention Impervious on War Sphinx, but I guess that missing out on that won’t really hurt as much as Arcane.

Yeah, I tend to think of teams in forms of traits, which newer players tend to not have. I’m not use to the concept of having no traitstones. As soon as I use my hoard of keys when 2.0 goes live, I will basically have everything in the game traitied. xD

My Idea: Purple pushes Carnex to feed Bone Dragon, Brown pushes The Great Maw devour and then is mana locked to start pushing Bone Dragon.

That is why I organized it that way. Thank you for the comments, even so.

Yeah I can understand that, I keep trying to plan teams and finding out I don’t have the traits for them to really work >< It’s nice seeing the teams that use lower rarities though! Just need less reliance on the higher end traits ^^

Without butchering your team idea, you could try this setup. This should be a much tougher team to face.

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Thanks. Looks good, but I do not have Mercy traited. I am one of the last holdouts trying to keep the universe from unraveling :sunglasses:

Oh, I didn’t mean to sound negative. Your team is very good and probably is a powerhouse on offense. But you have to take the AI’s playing style in account. It struggles with too many high Mana costs because it doesn’t set up combos like you can and it will skip Mana for Skull matches.

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Goodness, seriously I did not take it amiss. I appreciate the feedback. And you are quite right about being fine on offense, I had some good results. Likely the AI makes a mess.

I have also, surprisingly had good luck with this Monster Mash team. I mentioned something like it before, but this is pretty good unless someone breaks out impervious left and right. It can work early and I have had decent results against higher levels players, too.

Marsh Raptor***
Night Terror***

Monster General (+2 Armor, +2 Life, +1 Magic)

Horned Banner (+1 Red Mana, +1 Green Mana)


If you want to use Silent One, I find Mercy pairs well. Yellow generation and cures the silence letting it start rebuilding mana faster so you can silence again when the opponents’ start wearing off.



Yes I can see that team doing very well on Defense, people, inexperienced players, will underestimate it’s strength due to it having nothing higher than an Ultra Rare. Same thing with my Knight Team, very underestimated but it cycles fast and Knight Coronet is a monster on offense and defense.

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I actually prefer Silent One staying silenced. That way it doesn’t block mana.

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Excellent video, @Tacet. I’m sure everyone appreciates the hard work you put into these. I know I certainly do!