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Video: Best PvP Teams 2.05 (PS4/Xbox1)

Hello everyone! Today I go over the best teams in version 2.05 of the game. The two most notable changes this patch brings to the meta is the introduction of the Leonis Empire and Glacial Peak. All of the builds shown in this video are applicable for PC/Mobile users as well, but the teams are focused around the new troops and features added to consoles.



Great video!!! Thanks for making something console specific. FYI to console players at 2:39, 2:59, 3:36, etc you can’t consistently bait the AI due to some untracked down bug(s) on console. The AI will only take Skulls 95% of the time. In my personal opinion this makes the game a bit more dynamic.

Again thanks for making this.

Hey Tacet,

Good video - thanks for sharing. I wasn’t able to pull a Khorvash yet, but have been using Gorgotha, Mab, Valkyrie, Mab, which I picked up from one of your older videos (the modification you suggest from Sooth, Mab, Valk, Mab). It has been a really good team as long as the opponent doesn’t have impervious.

You were correct on all your assumptions about what we have and don’t have, by the way.


How about some using the mythics, too?

#Death + All 4 Horsemen:



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Good video, but what about best defense teams without a mythic? As we all know, the AI plays teams way differently so you can’t just use the best attack teams as a defense team.

Thx a lot tacet! ! Great Work!