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Video: 1.0.9 Best Teams

Hello everyone! I finally got around to making a video on some of the best meta teams in version 1.0.9 that some of you requested. I will be doing a video like this whenever a drastic change occurs to the meta game. There are 10s of other really good builds out there for this version, but I chose 7 of my favorite. Feel free to share your own overpowered and broken teams too.


I also made this other much shorter video showing a team wipe using The Great Maw’s Hunger glitch. Audio died on the video, but it still shows the glitch.



Am I correct in assuming this video is solely for those not playing on consoles?

Most of those teams work on console too. Whenever I make any video, it will be with PC/Mobile in mind, but they will eventually be useful for console players. Consoles will eventually update to the point that this video may be fully applicable for them. Regardless, all of these are still solid builds that consoles can use whenever they are all introduced to the game. I have no way of knowing what consoles do and don’t have making it hard to determine what builds to include that are relevant for all versions of the game.

Ok thank you, I will check it out

The last two builds I show I believe would both work on consoles. It starts around the 21 minute mark.



Boar Rider
Goblin Rocket
Goblin Shaman





I personally like to replace hobgoblin with just regular goblin, also if I had more levels/traits to put on the following team I think it would be pretty good. Frost giant, stone giant, valk, berzerker

Yeah, newer players usually run Goblin - Boar Rider - Goblin Shaman - Hobgoblin, or some variant of that. Goblin is good in the lead since putting the banner to +2 green allows goblin to have his ability every green match. It is more cost efficient that way since goblin in a lot easier to level and trait than Goblin Rocket and putting goblin in there gives 2 more attack. Goblin Rocket is a better choice when all of the troops are fully traited due to how much better burn is than 2 extra attack.

I’m surprised no one has left their own team in this thread. I know there are more good teams out there aside from the 7 I named. I didn’t even mention any of the Knight Coronet and 50% skull reduction spam teams. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Jarl and 3 Goblin Rockets fully traited with a Red/Red banner if RNGesus starts me out with a 5 of a kind red I can and have won on turn 1. I wanna replace the third Rocket on the bottom with a fully traited Moloch when I get him (I have 2 Moloch but just 1 trait) for surpression support when RNGesus chooses to start the board out with exactly 1 red gem… A very true, very sad story

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@Tacet - how do you get a purple/brown banner? I have 20 banners to choose from but that isn’t one I have to choose from. Perhaps it’s a bug, but I have 3 yellow-yellow banners (# 1,11 & 17).

Brown/Purple is from Darkstone. You may want to send the devs a support ticket if you have that kingdom unlocked, but not that banner.

Beat me to it lol

What do you think about the team I posted? I’ve wiped out the bulk of my enemies with it and usually lose only to RNG

I’ve done the quest. all the challenges and have it to PL5. So I’ll send in a support ticket for this and the others I am missing. Thx.

Edit: just audited my team banners - missing Brown/Purple, Brown/Yellow, Green/Red and no Blighted Lands banner.

I’m a big fan of Goblin Rocket. I have mixed feelings about Jarl only because of how random his ability can be. I much prefer troops with more consistency.

Cool thanks
I have another test team that is more fun then overpowered

When I did this I was very pleased with myself


Having watched the video’s have to say big shout out to @Tacet for some excellent work. Take the time folks to go check it out and don’t forget to leave a “like” to support the time he takes to put them out there.


I really appreciate all of the support. I do love doing this though. If I ever have time I will get to the point of doing it once per day.

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