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Power PvP Defense Team

Could anyone offer any advice for a powerful defense team? I currently have two amazing PvP teams where I win almost every battle, but they have both been running around 1:3 win:loss ratio in defense. (This is for XB1)

Any advice about making them more durable/powerful, particularly in defense?

Here is my current PvP defense team/ Primary PvP team:

Knight Coronet (Mythic, fully traited)
Queen Mab (Legendary, fully traited)
Ragnagord (Mythic, fully traited)
Plague (Mythic, fully traited)

Here is my old defense team/primary team:
Knight Coronet (Mythic, fully traited)
Knight Coronet (Mythic, fully traited)
Ragnagord (Mythic, fully traited)
Druid (Mythic, fully traited)

I’d also be interested in people’s highest rated defense teams. One way of getting some ideas that I’ve been doing is going to the leaderboards, looking at the players who have the best ratio of defense wins to losses, choosing to fight them, and then scouting their team (you don’t actually have to follow through with the fight).

Unfortunately the best ones I saw made use of mythics which most of us don’t have, but I’m sure there are some pretty good ones out there.

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Another way to think about this is look at your own win rate for Invades over the last 100 or 1,000 battles. Say your getting a 95-98% win rate. (I know: top leaderboard players are lower because they resign at the first sign of trouble). You can assume most players are close to that, hence a 5% Defense win rate “normal”.

Getting 33% Defense win rate seems to be around the top based on the leaderboards. There are very few exceptions of Defense teams doing significantly better.

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Yeah, it is hard making a really good one. I love my plague team, but I think I have been finding it to actually be losing PvP battles more than my original team. It is very good and many times it can be phenomenally powerful, but I noticed that if my Knight Coronet falls then a lot of times the entire team crumbles.

Here is a new team that I am experimenting with now that is more modeled after my original team:

Knight Coronet (Mythic, fully traited)
Knight Coronet (Mythic, fully traited)
Ragnagord (Mythic, fully traited)
Queen Mab (Legendary, fully traited)

I really like her ability and how she can continue to keep getting more powerful if I should ever need to use her, plus her freeze ability is pretty good too. Now the front of my team is more armored and now I have more damage capability.

One other tip, it appears as if the AI has been slightly changed in this version - they are getting a ton of cascades and extra turns, moreso than usual in my experience and there have been some people complaining. It might be a good idea to focus around teams that can take advantage of this such as Self-charging destroy gem teams or teams that have a passive 3rd trait that hurts the opponent on 4 or 5 gem matches.

Uhh, sorry. I’m partly responsible for your a decent number of your losses. I just reread your Defense teams. I loved battling against that team, as they were very quick matches. I’ve been using a True Damage Invade team, and I’m sure you can see the problem.

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Well that is good knowing. I have noticed that too in most cases. However, I am very curious as to how people actually have a positive win/loss ratio on defense. I have examined there defense team and to me anyway they actually don’t seem to impressive and I actually am not really worried at all when I go up against them. I noticed that some of them have the Barkskin troop, treant, dryad, those kinds of troops. But maybe more people have trouble with them than I am thinking. I guess it may be a little misleading since I personally don’t have much trouble against them.

In all of my teams and experimentation I have yet to find a team that is actually more powerful and fast than my Coronet, Coronet, Ragnagord, Druid. Yet…

As per my previous post I am experimenting with replacing Druid with Queen Mab. I’ll see how that goes.

No defense team is going to go better than 50%. (This week is an anomaly, due to server issues.) 33% win rate is about average across the board. Besides, it’s not that big of a deal anyway. The difference between a win and a loss is maybe one gem, gold key, or glory. Personally, I try to change my defense every week, just to provide a change from whatever “Tactet Approved” team everyone is running at the time. I know on my end, it’s a team of weird/un(der)used troops that give me pause! Try lots of things, not just what everyone else is using. It’s fun! :slight_smile:

Haha, that’s okay. I think I may know what team you’re talking about. Maybe the one with the Crimson Bats? If so then that team is pretty nasty. When I revenge it though, I usually get my points back though, but not all of the time. If that’s the one then nice team!

Not really referring to any one team in particular, just whatever the current meta is gets really, really old fast.

I posed this same question a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve come to the conclusion it really doesn’t matter. Besides, more defense losses equals more potential Revenge battles.

Yeah, I actually designed that team all on my own without even modeling it after anyone’s team. I have seen a couple teams very similar to mine but I promise I designed mine before I ever saw those.

It’s not really the reward I’m worried about missing out in (in fact defeats let you get towards the defense rewards) it’s more that now since the update the losses you take on your defense team count against your overall win/loss ratio, which I don’t particularly care for. I think they should be separate.

@htismaqe the only reason I am especially focused on this right now is because now the defense defeats count against you in your overall win percentage. Even though I guess it doesn’t really matter as everyone can still see your regular wins/losses, but still.

The problem is that there’s really nothing you can do about it. I’m running my invade team this week on defense because I’m doing some experimenting with a couple of other teams.

This week is BY FAR my best defense week in a long time and my record is 30 wins, 60 losses.

The simple fact with this game is that racking up defense losses is inevitable.

If you care about Win/Loss, you’re in the wrong game. AI is too dumb to win consistently. Just have fun.


I sure you’ll enjoy this as your trying to eek past 33%.

For Science. I randomly slapped together a team of completely UnTraited Dragons and put them on Defense. Just so I could see what would happen to my Invade player selection, with a lower power score than my normal Famine Defense. The result: a different pool of opponents, and some more variety!.. way more important in my opinion.

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Excellent point. If you’re wanting quality (aka more gold) invade matches, you need to get your defense team power value as high as possible.

In my experience, a defend team of Herdmaster / Naga Queen / Siren wins nearly as many defend matches as anything else short of the natural Mythics, like the Horsemen.

If you have all 4 ascended to Mythic with each of them having all 3 traits, you consistently get higher-quality invade matches than you would with a defense team of 4 legendaries with 1 or 2 traits each…

Yeah, true. I think I should just be thankful for the amount I am getting.

Yeah, good point. AI is not very smart. And I do absolutely love this game. What really matters is I have an awesome team that I love using. I am very thankful my invasion team wins almost every battle I do.

That is a cool find.

@htismage that is nice knowing too. I usually try to do the matches that yield the greatest gold and PvP leaderboard ranking points. (Or whatever they are called.

By the way my team’s power rating is almost 8000. It is something like 7939 or around there. It will probably even reach or exceed 8000 whenever I get Queen Mab to mythic and level 20. Although that will probably be a while.