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Power PvP Defense Team

In my opinion.

Choosing the defense team is about thinking how the AI plays. You get the idea of good troops for the AI after playing a lot of PVP.

Another aspect in my thinking when creating a pvp team is the amount of luck needed to beat me. I tend to lose a pvp match only if the AI gets super lucky. So I build a defense team that NEEDS luck to work.

Thid point are the traits. Special third traits like the Sylvanimoras “entangle the first enemy” are great. To have the ultimum defense team, you need to look at least as much on the traits than the other values and abilities of the troops. And again think of them on how AI benefits of them.

After that pre-speach, my defense is:

Bone Dragon
The Great Maw

Since Mercy is fully loaded in the beginning of the match, it can create a barrier for Celestasia (if lucky). Celestasia can sometimes create some other color than it’s own (if lucky) to feed “the killers” Bone Dragon and Maw. Bone Dragon is THE troop for AI (if lucky), since it creates skulls randomly and (if lucky) can create a real harashoo. Also Bone dragons third trait comes in handy when Celestasia is down. The Maw was nerfed, but still it build’s up itself with skull matches, that Bone Dragon does (if lucky), and the ability to devour an opponent troop is super. I believe that in the later parts of the match Mercy is pretty weak, but at least it heals another troop and cleanses all. Also the mana colours are pretty well balanced in this team.

All in all I think that any loss to AI, no matter the team, is a weak performance by the player (that is you!). That’s because the AI is AI, and therefore a lot dumber than the player. The main aspect of winning with your defense is probably 5 star 10 level kingdoms. That is the most important thing in your defense team.

In my opinion.


That’s a good analysis of defense, What’s your win % with that team?

i think 1:3 def win rate is pretty decent
i wouldnt expect any team to stay effectively at average above 1:2 for longer then one RNG of a week

my def team: maw ik sheggra mercy 2x yellow banner
win ratio average 1:2, this week so far 34:61, but my non-standard kingdom development plus the fact that sheggra is underleveled could be influencing it somehow (it turns out i have maxed magic while team score only 6,4k)

These are my stats for this week:

I have used several defense teams though. That one in the previous post has been my best team ever. I don’t have exact statistics, so I don’t guess anything. Lets see from next week, since I’m planning to keep that team as my defense.


Just got behemoth card from a key and noticed how extremely well that thing has synergy with sylvanimora and terraxis, welcome to my new defense deck (when im done lvling and traiting them :D) leader card in that deck is herald of chaos to make the psychological pain even higher for anyone that invades lmao) Anyway i liked your post, its the way im thinking but so far i just lack souls and mostly traitstones to get stuff like this going. :muscle: :robot: :muscle:

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liked for the herald of chaos

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As soon as I get Gorgotha Granite Skin, you guys are all screwed. In the meantime, try swapping out your Ragnagord with a Valkyrie and set the banner to 2x red(Pridelands.) Your KCs will get up faster and be able to unleash more hell.

Have you heard of dust devil?

Emperor Khorvash crushes Gorgotha. It’s actually kind of sad.

Bunni’Nog destroy Emperor Khorvash one shot.

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I’ve looked at the top 100 pvp leaderboards.and looked at the players with least defeats. Click on them that should give a idea what’s best to use at the moment.the Guild leader from santa had the best defence team.I earn my 3 trophys when fighting him lol.

The problem is that nobody uses Bunny, everybody uses Khorvash. :wink:

@Bolatsi thanks for such a great analysis.

Same for me. I rarely ever lose.

I have actually considered that. The only problems I have with it is that I would have to rely on red alone to feed it since Coronet also uses yellow and after she launches it would be awesome, but then she would be back to 0 mana. Whereas my Ragnagord (Red/Brown Banner, and he has fast) can be charged in as little has one match of either brown OR red and will always be charged within 2 matches of any combination of brown/red, and he can charge himself, but Valkyrie cannot. But I have used her before and she is awesome. Maybe I can try some more experimenting with Valkyrie. With my masteries she could still be charged pretty quickly.

Thanks for the ideas.

The last loss I can recall was to a deathmark team, because. Luck.

Honestly, my best defense team so far is
Emperor Khorvash***
Emperor Khorvash***

It has roughly a 40-50% win rate depending on the day

Guys i just noticed that flesh golum is now actually a really good fill troop.

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I use scout, if there’s a couple of knights then I unleash my 3 mythic Bunni *** and green slime lvl 19 and hope to see some browns and purples to start. Wiped out two knight coronet and griff knight and imperial jewel in around 2 minutes this morning, great fun. Could try a skeleros instead of the last Bunni too. I’ll play around with a few defensive teams. Good discussion.

I use Bunni, I have no korv

I’ve won more than I’ve lost since switching to;

Emperor Khorvash

I don’t doubt that. Death and Manticore are two of the most annoying troops in the game. Khorvash is right up there too. My original point was that Gorgotha just isn’t the tank he used to be given the amount of stun teams that exist. His spell is kind of blah and without his 3rd trait he’s just a big mushy meat shield.