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Help for PvP teams and GW daily teams?

Hi everybody,

Probably this is something has been already talked before, but i would like to ask for help on making strong defense teams for GW, and also if i can get recommendations for a strong PvP Team.

Right now, i have been using a team of 3 Dwarven Gates and King Highforge (against stronger oponents), and for more fast battles i use Jarl Firemante, Stygyx, Krystenax and Keeper of Souls.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

There are lots of resources on these forums to help with Team Building, and I am sure that you will be swarmed with help shortly, but here is a link to a thread I started a while ago. You might be able to find some good builds here.

Also, if you let us know what Legendary and Mythic troops you have that will help our resident strategist devise your best teams.

Best of Luck!!

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Thank you for answering… I just have one mythic troop (Queen Aurora), i have a really bad luck with key and stuff LOL.

And about legendaries, you mean the ones i ascend to that condition or the ones which base rarity is legendary?

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Base Rarity Legendary

Queen Aurora is fun, but not the strongest for PvP.
I had a fun build for her… if you are interested, I will need to look it up…

Sure, i would like to try it. I will check about the legendaries i have and then i will edit it on this message. Thank you for your help.


So here is what i got (As you ask, only by base rarity)


  • Queen Aurora


  • Abhorath
  • Behemot
  • Bone Dragon
  • Celestasia
  • Chief Stronghorn
  • Crimson Bat
  • Forest Guardian
  • Gar´Nok
  • Garuda
  • Gloom Leaf
  • Goblin King
  • Hydra
  • Infernal King
  • Jarl Firemantle
  • Keeper of Souls
  • Kerberos
  • King Highforge
  • King Mikhail
  • King Silenus
  • Kruarg the Dread
  • Krystenax
  • Leviathan
  • Orion
  • Queen Isabelle
  • Scylla
  • Sekhma
  • Sheggra
  • Spooky Imp
  • Sylvanimora
  • The Great Maw
  • The Silent One
  • Umberwolf
  • Webspinner
  • Winter Imp

This is what i have so far…@efh313

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No problem! You can also check out the streams of @Tacet and @KrudlerTheHorse, they always have fun creative new decks to try out.

Big list of color counters and weapons is also a useful tool.


Ok, I found my team I enjoyed this one a lot, and it can be a beast in PvP with the right board.

Anointed One
Forest Guardian
Queen Aurora

Run this with the Dragon Banner (+2 red, +1 yellow, -1 Brown)

The basic concept is a skull spam team with Barrier protection. So everybody but Courage starts with 1/2 mana. One match should fill AO. Always try to cast when you can give yourself an extra turn. QA is there to give everybody mana and Barrier AO, Forest Guardian Barriers QA and creates skulls for AO. Courage boosts everybody and then use him as a skull generator. If you pass the board with skulls the barrier on AO will help protect him from at least one shot. Its a bit of a glass cannon build, but with smart board play can be a lot of fun.

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I don’t use it personaly but I once got steamrolled by a team of Forest Guardian/Infernal King/Sekhma/Keeper of Souls. It probably needs some luck to start the right way but it can be of use in gw. The Great Maw/Mercy/Infernal King/Sheggra is kind of classic :wink: . Dragotaur/Asha/Bone Dragon/Sheggra also works nicely but can get absolutely crushed by Wisps. Hero in Dragonguard class with mountain crusher, Asha, Krystenax and Leviathan (or Sylvanimora) should be fun and rather fast. On gw I sometimes meet quite a good beast team with Forest guardian… Fenrir/giant spider/guardian/kerberos? Something like that. There was also something about Cyclops/Isabelle combo that defeated me so easily I was just sitting in awe and horror for a few minutes after battle, but I don’t remember other two troops that made them work so well. Crimson Bat can be quite efficient with Valkyrie and Fire Troll. I never used Behemot much but it’s a popular troop, perhaps putting it together with Valkyrie and Krystenax will do the trick? Oh, well, you should probably just experiment on your own :slight_smile:

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You really need gorgota and dragon soul, if you can forge them it would be the first one i would forge

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Gorgotha is good but it would be a serious waste of resources, perhaps TDS and Mab can be worth forging. Mab because of freeze trait and TDS to farm souls. Gorgotha is pretty much replacable.

Gorgotha waste of ressource? Not really he is really good in attack and def

I play with him since i started the game and he always been super useful


Nah, he is good but not the best out there. You can use something different to tank for you and explosions are nice but many other troops do that as well. Also, he is bound to drop eventually and it’s reasonable to just wait for him a little bit.

I agree that i should forge those cards, but if i must choose i think TDS is better.

Btw, nice nickname, great actor.

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I will give it a try to Maw / Mercy / Infernal King / Sheggra. The others when i get Asha. Thx!

Thx for the tip. I will try it out.

Just watch out against Dwarf teams and others with lots of impervious or indigestible troops. Against Dwarves, you can try subbing in Emperina (with first trait) for Great Maw and you’ll tear them to shreds. You can do this with any counter troop against certain lineups (like Dragon Cruncher against Dragon teams, GobChomper against Goblins, Bunni-Nog against Knights, etc.)

Also, make sure you have Mercy’s 3rd trait for this team to really work. You want that early boost of yellow mana to get Infernal King charged up.

Great. Appreciated! Btw, @Stan which banner should i use?

Yup tds is awesome untill they nerf him, im not sure he will be so cool after :slight_smile:

Yeah, i read that they will take out the Mana shield and the resurrection traits.

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