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Power PvP Defense Team

@Dustin1280 I actually made a team similar to that. (I made mine before I saw yours so I didn’t copy anything :slight_smile:)

My current team is
Emperor Khorvash
Emperor Khorvash

@wskill Yeah, I noticed that too. I actually have experimented with that troop some. I was really surprised when I saw it is actually pretty good now.

I beat the #1 peeveepee champion with my unleveled kingdom team.


so much for optimal defense teams

wow I am only at 32k and #1. Ps4 doing better^^

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The #1 on PvP isn’t using a particularly good defense, look at his defense ratio.

Even if someone uses a good defense, it can be beat by most people. :sweat_smile:

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Mostly true, however the best defenses win about 40-50% of the time, not under 25% like the #1 on PvP

You sound jealous that i and not you beat the #1 with my shitty lvls. Therefore you resort to attempts to denigrate the event. Either that or you are not imaginative enough to picture this immense feat as you have fallen to the familiarization on 1 round teams. Ill also have you know i have handcrafted a paper crown and will wear it for the remainder of the weak in celebration, you will not have this paper crown.

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I think it’s more that the best defensive team in the game can be beaten by luck and a couple loopers (though it might take awhile), and thus there’s no real skill to brag about. We’re all playing with the odds so heavily tilted in our favor – and RNG making up the difference – that the only “real” accomplishment is win efficiency over the long term, as measured in trophies per unit time.

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I find the best defense team is one that does not use the auto skip troops so people actually fight me.
I would rather have 5 losses and no wins than 1 win and 4 skipped fights. More revenge battles and you are giving the player base a lot more fun.

For me auto skip are when I see Emperor, Double Famine, The Giant Worm, or Manticore in come configurations.

I can win against them 90% to 95% of the time, but it is not a FUN fight, as I see them all the time and they are boring.
Emperor is WAY too powerful at the moment. Famine is no fun against my team as it is a high mana need team so if he charges with a lucky 4 match and extra turn is is an auto kill of a troop. The Giant worm I can beat these days even if he trippers and eats one of my troops, but it is just a LONG battle, and this game is all about lighting fast battles (more goods faster).

My current Defense Team is Gorgotha, My hero with a death kneel as a sorc, Abynissia, andFamine. 4 Daemon bonus (hero counts as one), Abynissia fully traited increaseing attack and health each turn. Hero fully traited and increasing magic every other turn (and sometimes every turn), Famine weakening the enemy every turn, and Gorgotha as a tank that gets more attack and health each turn and is a nice mana generator.

It is different and I hope fun to fight against this week (as it has new troops in it). I have not seen many troops out there layed out like this so hopefully it gives people something different :).

That is an insanely high win rate for Goblins on the PS. (81-311).

On the XBOX a few days ago I looked at the “worst” Defense ratios so I could avoid even thinking about those teams. There were like 3 players in the (10-300) ballpark… All 3 were running Goblin variants.

Before you give yourself a paper cut making your paper crown for winning with “s### lvls” against Goblins. I recall you posting about lvl 1 “machine cards”.

A real challenge would be to win those. :wink:

[quote=“wskill, post:48, topic:13719, full:true”]Either that or you are not imaginative enough to picture this immense feat as you have fallen to the familiarization on 1 round teams.

It seems more people cannot take the crushing blow on their nerves in knowledge that someone has defeated the #1 on the boards with an unleveled kingdom deck, combined with the lack of a proper paper crown that shall naturally only belong to me… the new champion. Worry not… i will allow you to be a page of my order so perhaps one day you shall learn the superior strategies that have aided me in this conquest.

That may well be however you had an intention so you obviously somehow prepared. All i had was my ingenious adaptabillity and therefore my gargantuan skirmish’s outcome obviously beats yours. This was a vain attempt to steal away my paper crown. You shall not have it… you know this now.

  1. Congratulations on your Goblin victory, I’m sure it was very challenging
  2. Enjoy your paper victory crown, you deserve to wear this all day


Is it possible to see the scores in the leaderboards for people who are below rank 100? I think it would be cool to be able to see more.

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No, you can’t.

I see you have crafted a crown of your own making, wear it proudly yourself for it is the fruit of thy labor. I have already made a crown befitting only a champion as i am after defeating the #1. Thank you for your gesture however, i am grateful for your support.

You need to make another 200+ crowns for everyone else who has beaten the #1 too

Make your own paper crown…

supply me with colorful paper, scissors, adhesive tape and a marker, i shall make them

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