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Newbie PvP - Please Advise!

I’m a new player who just hit level 25 and I managed to get rank 5 in PvP last week by being selective about my opponents, but the competition got really fierce past that point. I went with a basic attrition strategy, with a summoner to keep replacing my top troops as they died and support troops to heal and increase magic power.

At this point I’m a little surprised when I see a message that someone failed to invade me… but I guess I must be doing something right. I’ve been trying to figure out a good team for defending PvP, but designing a group for the computer to run seems different than building a team that would work for me; does anyone have advice?

With the current defend reward system your best defence is a weakish 4 troops team that wil make soul hunters fight you but your really looking to lose to get that return fight.

When I first started playing, I wondered why some people had a defense team that had only one troop. It seemed crazy. Then, I realized that they wanted to lose so they could get the revenge match which is the match that really pays off.

I’ve read rumors on the forum that PVP may be changing soon. So, I don’t know how long that strategy will be viable though.

But you can only have 3 revenge matches waiting for you. Personally, I’d like to come back to a few victories as well as those three revenge matches. Free stuff, even if it’s minimal.

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Well my 4 troop team gives me defend wins but looks beatable and contains none of the real frighteners that comes with a guy of my level and playtime. I call the team my “under 10’s” and it is Wolf Knight***, Serpent***, Scale Guard*** and Siren***. All are Mythic and it wins but I don’t think it puts people off fighting me. I know a lot of lower levels will skip teams that they perceive to be not worth the time and effort required to beat them. At least going by what I have read on these forums that would appear to be the case.

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What line up are you using and what level? If the arena is a available for you to use you can pull help guides from the forums, be competitive and pull the resources you need to strengthen your current decks.

Also get Zul’Kari as your next opened kingdom so you can get Tyri and access to playing maps.

Hero (Warlord) with 13 attack/12 defense/19 life, using crude club (8 damage)
Soothsayer (level 7)
Summoner (level 7)
Dryad (level 7)

I’ve unlocked Tyri and done a few treasure hunts, and I can usually get 8 wins in the arena. I’m having a hard time figuring out what direction to develop in and I’m worried about wasting resources on leveling troops/groups that aren’t going to work out.

I’m newish at level 87, and this is my concern as well. I’m sort of paranoid about wasting precious resources (especially traitstones) on troops that won’t be good in the long term. For example, I put a lot into Dark Master, but I didn’t realize until later that his attack isn’t tied to magic so it won’t grow with leveling. (Theoretically, his summon grows, but I’m not that impressed with Thrall.)

It also helps to find an active guild, as the rewards from guild tasks can be lucrative in a good guild.
If you think you’ll be an active player for a long time, then let me know if you’re interested in a guild spot =)
My guild is currently ranked 47th in the league. While not exactly the best, it’s not a pushover either, and most of all we don’t put quota requirement on weekly contributions, so we have a newbie-friendly environment.

One or Two guild spots might be opening up soon, so pm me if you want a shot.