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Video: Call to Valor

Hello everyone! Today I go over the Call to Valor even, alternatives to some of the goblins that were nerfed, and a quick description of defend rewards as they currently are within the game.

I also handed out a redeem code like I will be with all weekly event videos. Make sure to subscribe to be the first to know about and be able to claim 1 of the 100 uses of the redeem code.

I would also like to say thank you to the entire community for all the support and suggestions. You guys are the best. :slight_smile:



Just take my viewership and you can have my like too and also don’t forget to take my heart. While your at it take my body…ok not my body.

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As always high quality output…shift ya butts people and go take a lookie :smiley:

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Wow, 11 likes in 2 hours. Thanks everyone! Every single video I have ever done has gotten 10+ likes on the forum. I am so glad so many of you enjoy them. :slight_smile:


As always, interesting and helpful. I always enjoy the helpful hints and insights.

Keep up the great work.

I enjoy anything that supports the community. :smile:


Useful information! Cheers for the video, I learnt a lot :o

Thanks Tacet.
I really enjoy your videos!
Keep them coming.

I learned something. Hadn’t even considered Bat’s Cursed for that purpose…

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Damn no code for me :frowning:

You snoooooze you lose :stuck_out_tongue:

Their nearly 5,000 Facebook users are vicious. xD

The devs uploaded it to their social media about 30 minutes after the video went live, which is why the 100 went so quickly. The order in which it is shared is:

  1. Subscribers to my YouTube channel
  • This forum
  • Steam’s GoW forum
  • GoW social media if they decide to share it.

I’m your subscriber, but a man has to sleep :sleeping_accommodation:

You should put in an annotation in the video as to if/when all the codes are gone.

The code will eventually be taken so quick that I would have to add the annotation simultaneously with the video coming out. xD


Ha, that’s hardly commitment is it… Sleeping is clearly over-rated…

I do dislike that about these really limited codes. I don’t know how much they are giving out, but I’d rather the codes be redeemable, I assume once per account, by a large number of players. Having the codes redeemable by like 40% of the player base, would let you see how quickly they are taken, and get some data on not just daily play, but regular out of game activity.

They seem quite eager to give out codes to anyone doing things to bring people into the community. Nearly every instance anyone has streamed the game they gave out codes for them to hand out. I even hit the 2nd highest watched stream on Steam for about an hour back when I did the 5,000 iron key video because they advertised it on their social media and handed out maps and magic keys.

I could probably ask them for more, but they may have to counterbalance it with a lower reward. If the rewards for my video becomes too many, too high, or too often, it will be harder for them to hand out codes to other players who do something similar.

I’ll ask them about it this weekend for the number of people that want the 100 codes to be raised is quite high. The problem is that is could be raised to 200-300 and still have people saying that they haven’t claimed it.

I do have to say, these codes are going a lot quicker than I thought they would. I was initially expecting these codes to last about 24 hours, but this most recent one was wiped out in less than 3 hours. With 30 member guilds, 1 view can equal 30 possible claims for many would share the code around. Raising the 100 codes is more so in the devs economy control that that of my own. Nimhain is the one giving them out, but she does have to check in with other members of the dev team in charge of the economy before handing them out. For example, I requested that each of these codes would have an event key since they are for event weekly videos, but for economy reasons she had to make it a gem key. The gold and souls is higher than what I initially suggested though, so that helped to counter balance it.

I will mention the concerns to them later this weekend.

I guess I will tag them too. @Sirrian @Nimhain


The rewards are much higher than I was expecting for a freebie. I would be fine with a smaller goodie bag in exchange for a higher chance of getting one.


Yeah, I should be able to get more if the reward is greatly reduced. About half of the initial claimers are active forum users anyways, most of which are toward the higher end of the economy. They don’t need more help. :stuck_out_tongue:

The original suggestion was to make the keys the exact payout of the Spoilers of War 180 glory pack thing. Since I can’t get event keys, the code could just be set to that payout, but with a gem key.