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GoW Let's Play #2: Clubbing with Class

Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of my Gems of War Let’s Play. Today I defeat Sheggra again, unlock the Warlord class, go over hero related things, and do some of my first PvP matches on the account.


Weapon List: http://ashtender.com/gems/weapons


Tl:dw i will watch this later when i awaken soon.

Yeah, I may be uploading too much lately. I have been doing 2 videos a day nearly every single day. xD

Even at 2 videos a day there is so much I still haven’t covered in this game.

I swear when i say awaken soon that i am totally not writing this in my sleep, do not let my awake self know this.

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Tacet what is a reasonable goal in terms of pvp tier for a ftp noob?

I dabble in pvp but im only level 30 and run into many players with much higher levels and troop levels with traits.

I would say to save for the 50 gem 50% soul bonus armor and then do Arena several times. The Arena minigame at the end of Broken Spire is the best way for a newer player to farm souls.

The other alternative is to finish the Zhul’kari quest line for Tyri then use her to farm maps.

What I meant was, how hi can a low level ftp noob reasonably attain in pvp before getting massive troop levels and traits?

I have a goblin team that kind of works and a knight team:

Knight coronet
Griffon knight
Wolf knight
Dark Master

Nobo brothers
Goblin shaman
Goblin Rocket

How do these teams look?

That would be enough to go far in PvP. You should be able to rank 1 that every week. No clue about top 1,000 on leaderboard though.

goblin up in first then mono green banner go.

My Goblin can’t take a punch though. Thats why I put him in space 3. It could be a leveling issue, i think he’s 6 or 7.

When he gets higher in level and can take some hits and has his mana trait, then a mono green banner fills goblin in one green match.

If you want to have easy time in PvP just go with maxed warlord hero with crude club, he will be literally a monster, able to either one shot or two shot everything.

Between magic bonuses from kingdoms and hero classes, the weaker hero weapons can end up with a much better damage to mana cost ratio than the stronger ones. Unless you have a generation strategy, or better ways to spend your turns, it may turn out to be better to rapidly fill and cast a weaker weapon than a stronger one.

This is how i feel about 6 cost troops.