GoW Let's Play #9: Gorgotha Revived?!

Hello everyone! Today I do some questing in Khaziel to unlock another Emperina. I intended to do the bonus quest line at the end for the War and Peace weapon, but there seems to be a requirement of having the Adana quest line completed first. Instead I give out a redeem code and review over some key drops.

One of the main reasons I don’t show much questing on this Let’s Play series is due to the amount of time it takes. For people that want to relive the quest lines, all of the text is visible within the files. Someone in the near future will likely organize it into a coherent fashion for people that want to read it, or reread it.

Also, I mentioned a couple times in this video saying I got a bunch of gems and glory keys from quests. I meant to say I got a bulk of them from the guild I am in with a small portion coming from the treasure map minigame.


Another great video.

You need to do Adana as well.

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Thanks! Someone mentioned this in the YouTube comment section. Good thing I need to do Adana for Mechanist class anyways. xD

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Well, then there’s your idea for the 10th LP video right there.

Yeah, it probably will be. I’m getting extremely close to 250 Warlord wins.