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GoW Let's Play #3: Looting too much Booty

Hello everyone! In this episode of my Gems of War Let’s Play I go over some additional useful information in regard to classes, clobber some PvP matches, and open up several chests. I also hand out a redeem code that will help all of you adventure further!

Additionally, I may be doing a giveaway for some of the slots in this account’s guild. I will need to confirm it with @Felicity first, but do keep an eye out for that if you are interested in joining us.



Didn’t think it’d be this entertaining watching early-game play (but it is). Still learning something new every time you do one of these videos. Keep em comin’!


Keep it up Tacet!

Too late for the code this time but excited to hear about possible guild slot openings. Would love to get in on that!

My current guild is good but 800+ keys in 9 days? Good god!

800 isn’t very much at all especially in 9 days.
In 6 days my guild has 1,800 (and other rewards) I started doing a tracking project so I collected my guild rewards right after the changeover this week and haven’t collected all week, tonight I will collect an hour before changeover and my guild will know exactly what the take was. (The biggest pain was not completing any tasks while still donating cause if you complete a task it doesn’t get added to your mail (I did pull it off though))

For a newer player like myself (sub 50) its an insane amount of goodies. I understand at higher levels its not as big of a deal.

But then, guilds that bring in that level of rewards generally dont want newer players either.

I’ve only been playing since December, but still a valid point

there is some top 100 guilds that will take lower level and are fairly active atleast maybe in the 5-800 key weekly range, as long as the player is active. searching forums you will find some

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This is true “Carnivores” take in between 300-700 keys weekly and there requirement is to donate 100x your level (so level 50= 5,000 in donations) contact
@Bludax to see if he has an opening

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