GoW Let's Play #8: Chest Hacking Confirmed

Hello everyone! Today I open up 1,221 glory chests and explain all of the new drops to give everyone a better understanding of decent drops as well as troops to look out for. I got ridiculously lucky this with these openings as you will soon see. No actual hacking was done, but it did almost seem like it at times.

Also, sorry about my voice cracking quite a bit this episode. I had to do two 3 mile walks from college prior to doing this video, so I was quite out of breathe. Additionally, something extremely unexpected threw me off guard mid-video.



Ban hammer!!


Not even sure if chest hacking took place cause i have about 8 to 16 hours of work before i can watch this video.


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I needed a YouTube clickbait title, lol. xD


Oh ok, you got my click so i guess you could say i got baited and hooked to a video i was planning to watch anyway.

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I think it is very important to note that you started with 3,253 glory before opening chests and 1221 keys later you had 4,317

That means you gained 1,064 glory… From opening chests, that’s a whole 3 more spirit foxes +164 left over

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Yes, but the next 2 events are even more interesting. :wink:

I also have no intention to maintain a true damage team on this lower account anytime soon.

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was an amazing video… wish i had your lucks with pulls!

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Yeah, it’s hard to watch this video without feeling a little like a masochist. Yeesh.


I’ve got Maw but it seems that without traits and fully traited Mercy, he’s hard to use. Could you suggest some teams with it?

For earlier in the game you may want to use something along the lines of:

Herd Master
Giant Spider

There aren’t too many options without many of the legendary skull spawners, which I also got in this video (Keeper of Souls, Infernal King, etc.). Earlier in the game you have to focus Maw on the enemy’s highest level or their highest attack. Then Maw will be big enough to skull poke them down. The main reason for using Maw early is to try taking out the 3 trophy regardless of the person’s team.

You really seemed to lose your cool for a bit there lol.

Thank you
The main problem is, that without casting devour or second trait, Maw won’t last long in the front line. I actually have 2 skull spawners ( Sheggra and Bone Dragon, Skeleton is also an option ). But I need reliable way to activate Maw before he dies. Will try your team, perhaps it will work.

PS. I’m pretty impressed with this team, won against double Mab, Soothsayer, Valkyrie team and only my Maw was maxed, rest at lvl 10.:sunglasses: