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GoW Let's Play #15: Treasure Hunting + Facebook

Hello everyone! Today I do some treasure maps, give out a code, and just chill in the minigame while going over some announcements.

I did end up getting a better internet service, so I will be streaming very soon. My week long stream on Twitch will begin on July 11th and continue into July 17th. I plan to stream a minimum of 10 hours a day and will be handing out 10 codes on Twitch throughout the week. I will also be taking donations for a new mic if anyone of you want to put a few bucks out for that to help support the channel. It will be greatly appreciated. More news on all of this soon.

I also made a Facebook page today. The Facebook page of Tacet the Terror will be a 1 stop place where you can check for uploaded videos, streams, Gems of War news, and other smaller notifications that don’t require a full video.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tacet-the-Terror-1826549404241123/?fref=ts

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/tacettheterror



Keep it up, why am i first again dang it.


code is already gone.


I’ll be watchin’ your stream @Tacet

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This code actually reached a new record of death by 30 minutes. xD


Great video, thanks for the tips on the gem chests. I believe the lack of runics make it really cost ineffective for VIP chests, in addition to your points.

Bump, recent videos added